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  1. Windows 8.1 preview install CLEAN x64, install startisback for all user, I launch configuration on start menu right click Properties and I choose from first properties that I want and choose a orb an then apply and get the error.
  2. Same Error after install, I went to the settings I made some changes then apply and the error appear, another error the default theme without color appear then go to normal windows 7 default.
  3. Hi I test this new version of Start is Back on Windows 8.1 Build 9385 and I find that work but the botton no appear fast, is slow to appear when is initialize then run well and in the satartisback menu in configure Start items no appear like the photo I post, nothing to add just the shortcut to Start screen and this shortcut does not work also the .exe don't work. But is a good work Tihiy because now if it works since test 1, something else I chose to go first to the Desktop but don't work . Thanks and we know that you will complete this test in a successfully full functionality start menu Again.
  4. In this new version of StartIsBack 2.1 RC1 does not work in safe mode the start menu, the button does not appear.
  5. Tihiy past one month and we have not heard of a newer version, and by the way the StartIsBack have a problem that is not solved since to buy it and is this when you open the menu in the start button and then press any program shortcut from the Taskbar the menu is not hidden until the program shows an example open Mozilla Firefox from the taskbar or some such program TeamViewer does not hide the menu, when I compared the same but only in Windows 7 and clicking in the progam without being open yet and the menu is hidden, just in case I've uninstalled, cleared the registry and still the same with all version of StartIsBack from 1.2.1 to 2.0 and even 2.1 RC.
  6. Tihiy after a few minutes searching in the net i found that Start8 by Stardock ver. 1.14 beta are designed to works for Windows 8 and support Blue, and i try and it's work now, but i prefer StartIsBack because is realy the original menu from windows 7 in the last 2.0.2 and 2.1 beta and i buy it a licence from you 5 month ago and i know that you are working in this system called for now Blue if you have a beta for this sistem let us know to begin test it to let you know how it's work.
  7. I've been running Blue for days. Enough already. Me too, but I want to explore everything.
  8. Ok, but if you want to know something about this pre release go to this link http://www.infoworld.com/t/microsoft-windows/windows-blue-we-waited-215184 are more, but I have it and I testing this freaking windows blue, but as I said we need to wait and allow Tihiy to work with this new version or Major Release that's expected to arrive around August.
  9. Blue is not even suppose to be public. Can we wait until its finished before coming to a conclusion? Exactly! Commenting on it now is worthless. For all we know that specific build could be some mobile only device experiment. At least wait until after TAP. Wait, what?. That's what all the fanboys said throughout all the betas. Time to face facts: giving the benefit of the doubt to Nu-Microsoft is a fool's errand. They have a plan, and your Start Menu is not a part of it. You are all freaking out over nothing. Chill out and get back on topic. Hey just are the first view and testing but we know that Tihiy will back with a stat menu ready for the Windows Blue, by now the legacy code has been removed and I trust that Tihiy are now working in that because this Win Blue is just a preview and still missing many arrangements in this leaked version, we need to wait and let Tihiy work on it.
  10. Thats righ always theres always hope, just is program a new code and take it easy with this evaluation copy is the first to start programming a new code and test it.
  11. Hey dont worry i have testing diferents start menus a few hours, at the moment the only start menú for this Windows build 9364 Versión 6.3.9364 or Windows Blue that are working are: Vistart, Retro UI Pro, Startmenu8, Power 8 and Pokki, just this work fine but Start8, Startw8, ClassicShell, Ex7ForW8 and StartIsBack is not working or not supported, the vision of MS are wrong, when they wake up from sleep it will be late for them.
  12. Exactly, the intention is to completely finish MS Windows 8 and remove the remainder of the code, and force the user to use like it or not this new system.
  13. Confirmed the leaked version of Windows blue dont support StartIsBack even Start8 dont's work Microsoft eliminates all code, change kernel and explorer is a bad news.
  14. Tihiy just one thing when Windows 7 have updates to install or are intalling in the shutdown botton appear a logo warning that to remember that the computer need to restart to terminate updates operation like the photo i post.
  15. Tihiy youre great this is the best version that you designed, the Start Menu is the same as Windows 7, and thanks for include the Jump List to to the menú of StartIsBack, is the best start menu created, Good Job.
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