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  1. Aero Glass for Win8 RC4

    Yes, I used start menu, not StartIsBack, but Start8 . Just set function "disable taskbar translucency", and now everything is well! What about AGTweaker - I don't know about technical side, but after pressing "OK" or "Apply" screen flashes and everything reloads with new parameters (that way I changed necessary for me registry values - and then just pressed "Apply" in AGTweaker in order to show result without restart).
  2. Aero Glass for Win8 RC4

    Thanks a lot! I have set proper values for ColorizationColorInactive and ColorizationColorBalanceInactive, so now everything is well with inactive borders. Also found Release Preview theme, tried it, it is good, but anyway would like to stay on default RTM one (just don't like RP minimize/maximize/close images). And theme changing doesn't fixed problem with status bar transparency... I use Aero Glass v.0.7 and AGTweaker v1.2 to reload DWMGlass64.dll. After pressing "OK" (or "Apply") process reloads and there is no need to reboot PC after any params changing. I don't want to use that GUI, but don't know any other way to avoid full-transparent taskbar. That problem exists after each PC reboot and after changing any personalization params.
  3. Aero Glass for Win8 RC4

    Very good work! You have done a lot of work studying the internal functions of Windows 8 graphics engine (undocumented and even hidden), that is great. Hope, development of this project will continue, and final release will be open-source (as assumed early). This will give the opportunity to study and gain programming experience to many interested programmers . But, unfortunally, in v0.7 (beta 1) I have two problems: Black borders of inactive windows in D3D mode. As I understood, in D3D mode we need to turn opacity value to 0 in order fix this. But in this case the color of each inactive window is too bright (not just white and transparent - what we can see in D2D mode), and it is almost impossible to see window title and even it's border. So, I still use D2D mode, where everything is normal, but I want to use D3D one, considering that D2D support will be removed in future releases. My theme is default Win8, without any modifications. Should I use theme from the Consumer Preview (if it is more optimized for aero glass)? So, in that case, can you publish your theme, or, if you hadn't modified original one, where it is possible get it? (everywhere can be found just optimized for Win7 Consumer Preview Win8 theme, but it doesn't work well on Win8). In both modes (D2D and D3D) after system restart taskbar becomes non-colorized and without blur effect (just absolutely transparent). Also taskbar becomes non-colorized after changing of any personalisation parameters. To make it colored I need to run DWMGlass again (re-apply in ORelio's AGTweaker - the only way I have found to fix problem temporarily).
  4. Aero Glass for Win8 RC4

    This work is great! Very nice to see progress of winaero glass on Windows 8. Is there any possible way to hide cmd-window of dwm.exe while tool is running? Yes, of course I understand that this is only preview version, and intro message box is ok, but to show cmd one at everythime is not so good. Tried to use ORelio's C# code to hide it, but nothing well. Sure I will wait for the new version of DWMHook! Very interested in this project and hope it will be open-source to let any other developers work with it. Also I want to look at the source .