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  1. Tried the new version, working perfectly.
  2. Yes. With callBlurShapes = 1, Everything works with all flags enable(0x0f), or HookFlag not extist at all.
  3. 0xa works (with artifacts) when callBlurShapes set to 0x1.
  4. Done. Applied, black screen, pressed f11, I waited several minutes then I did a force restart and returned to desktop holding ctrl key Then added that key with this value 0x00000001, re-applied dwmglass, no black screen but transparency was not applied, Ok, if you can 100% confirm that setting NoInternalHooks to 0x1 does not bring black screen (and it was not just random) then it is time to try this version http://leteckaposta.cz/111719826 It adds this registry settings: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM: HookFlag (DWORD) which can control what NoInternalHooks disabled completely. Valid values are 1, 2, 4, 8 + their combinations (summations = anything between 1..15), maximum value = 1+2+4+8 = 15 (0xF) which enables everything, 0 disables almost everything (like NoInternalHooks did). I hope this helps me to find which function is the problem. Tested all combination. Every time 0x08 is enable together with 0x02 at the same time, I got a black screen.
  5. My system is a fulled patched windows 8 x64 pro with media center, no custom theme and no start button is installed.
  6. Done. Here is the log. threads.txt debug.txt
  7. Yes, tried this registry setting with rc0 crashfix and it worked, auto device future level, blur was not applied on taskbar and startmenu but restarting explorer will fix it, no crash when restarting explorer Same result here. Add the registry setting and reboot. Everything is working now with auto DeviceFeatureLevel, taskbar have its blur back too.
  8. Just tested the temp crashfix, the result is same as RC0.
  9. Did more test. Here is the debug log. my GPU is GTX580, 1). Auto DeviceFeatureLevel, hold CTRL key to boot, taskbar blur is missing in this case, other thing is working normally. debug-hold_ctrl.txt 2). Right after 1), Drag a windows and make it touch the low part of the taskbar. Black screen appear. debug-hold_ctrl+drag.txt 3) Boot without holding Ctrl key, auto DeviceFeature level debug-No_ctrl.txt Note: Logs for 1 and 3 are capture after deleting the old log. log 2 is captured directly after log 1.
  10. shell32.dll version is 6.2.9200.16547 I tried different DeviceFeatureLevel setting, anything higher than or equal to DX10 will result in black screen.
  11. Because your have invalid colorization settings for inactive frames. Just post a screenshot of your registry key HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM and we will see where the problem is ;-) Yes, there is no native blur now. Why? I said it million-times that this mode is not supposed to be used at all and that all versions are intended for testing only. So what is the purpose of your testing when you disable the code to test? Do you have 32-bit version? If yes, then it is possible because several versions of 32-bit system DLLs contains different optimizations which can totally break everything. If this is true, please send me your shell32.dll (via PM) + there should be crashlog.txt in the same folder as you extracted dwmglass.dll. I am using 64-bit version. After i managed to boot back into desktop, I cannot found crashlog.txt, only debug.log exist.
  12. After update to RC0, i got a black screen after enter desktop after boot. Sometime I am lucky enough to enter desktop(By holding CTRL while switch from metro to desktop), The glass in windows border are working correctly, but the blur in task bar is gone. If i drag a windows and make taskbar overlay with it, a black screen appear. If I change device future level to 0x9300, everything is working perfectly. debug.txt
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