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  1. After using Start8 and StartIsBack for a month each your V2.0RC1 finally made me buy a 5-pack of StartIsBack. Great work!
  2. First of all, many thanks for the program! I'm still using the trail version and evaluating it, but it's fantastic so far! No more friggin tablet interface on a PC... Now for a small feature request (if it is possible to pull it off): I've been using Start8 as well, and the only that's better there right now is that it allows you to add shortcuts to custom folder on the right side of the start menu (where Documents, Pictures, etc. resides). Is that possible to add something similar to StartIsBack? And for something pretty trivial. Would it be possible to bundle a Windows 8 style start button together with the program, mainly to tie it together "better" with Win8? Neither is a big deal, but they would be a nice features. And again, thanks for the program!

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