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  1. USB 2.0 Stack for Win98/ME

    I could not find an entry for "PACKAGE_VERSION" under "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VIA Technologies, Inc." All that was under that entry was "Chipset information Setup Program," With an empty entry marked 1.00.000 under it. I read through the articles provided in the links, but since data corruption is not present in the system, and since it has VIA AC'97 Audio as its audio chip, I will leave it unaltered. I downloaded the 4.56 driverset and ran it from the desktop. After restarting, a new entry was present under "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VIA Technologies, Inc" called Via4in1Driver, with strings related to the driverset. Since installing the driverset is more for any potential additional bugs at this point than for any practical application, I plugged in a USB 2.0 storage device, since I don't know if this particular drive might work at USB 1.1 speeds. A windows message briefly appeared reading that drivers were being installed for the device, but it did not appear in My Computer. I downloaded usbf108.exe from Part I of the general version of the Crash Test article. I opened the file before I realized that it contained several files mentioned in this thread (probably overwriting some of the superceding files, but since USB 2.0 functionality is impossible, and since the drives likely do not work without USB 2.0 support, it should not cause any noticible differences). I restarted and checked My Computer, but the drive was not listed. I think the system is now as optimized as it can get without changing the hardware. It is is likely better to stay with the newer Intel-based USB 2.0-supporting Windows ME system I have, since the only advantage the older VIA system has is a larger case with a more user-friendly case-interior design.
  2. USB 2.0 Stack for Win98/ME

    The south bridge reads: VT82C686B 0116CD 138700500
  3. USB 2.0 Stack for Win98/ME

    The computer must have gone through an RMA that gave it a new chassis and motherboard, since neither looks like the pictures I've found online of the HP Pavilion XT934. The motherboard is a Foxconn a7v-ml rev. 1.08 (it has a yellow PCB). It uses the same south bridge as the SanteFeKM. I've been unable to find a manual or specifications for the board. If the hardware does not provide USB 2.0 support, then troubleshooting at the OS level will not enable USB 2.0 support, regardless of the OS, drivers, or controllers used. If anyone can find the specifications of the board, it might tell me if there's a potential for USB 2.0 support.
  4. USB 2.0 Stack for Win98/ME

    LoneCrusader: 1. I started out by trying to install NUSB, but was unable to install it due to lack of ME support. 2. Downloaded usb20drv.exe, dencorso's usbstor110c.7z update and Tihiy's upload. 3. Deleted all files that shared the same name as files from Tihiy's upload from System32/drivers. 4. Ran usb20drv.exe. 5. Rebooted in Safe Mode. 6. Went into Device Manager and removed every single entry under Universal Serial Bus controllers. 7. Rebooted in Normal Mode. 8. Waited for redetection and reinstallation of devices. 8a. Plugged in devices one at a time. 9. Pasted any files from Tihiy's upload and dencorso's usbstor110c.7z update that weren't already present in System32/drivers. 10. Noted continued lack of support for USB storage devices. "FORGET USB20DRV.EXE, as it was designed for 98SE rather than ME, and has documented issues." Based on the current non-functionality of USB storage device support on the ME system, I agree that usb20drv.exe has issues. I do not dispute that it was designed for 98SE. It is listed in both the 98 and Windows ME Updates + Fixes section of http://www.mdgx.com/web.htm#WME, and is tagged as experimental, with a disclaimer of its functionality. "you should extract these files from NUSB 3.5" NUSB 3.5 has instructions for installation (for the purposes of WinME USB storage device functionality, LoneCrusader says I only need four of the files, and will substitute step 5 for copying the files into the folders specified in post #46): However, the link in that post for downloading NUSB 3.5 is broken, but this link does work: http://narod.ru/disk/start/07.dl2sg-narod.yandex.ru/21372724001/h6502633d1516c7b2038211bee997dff1/nusb35e.exe NUSB 3.6 has instructions for installation: However, both links for downloading NUSB 3.6 are broken for United States downloading: English: http://turbobit.net/tyu37wycpmde.html https://rapidshare.com/files/4248520231/nusb36r.exe Since later posts in the above thread mention improvements from 3.6, I'd prefer to extract the files from 3.6 if someone will upload it to a working hosting site. "IF you have a VIA Chipset based motherboard" According to the specs listed for the system (an HP XT934), it uses the VIA KL 133 chipset, which may account for the lack of results from nusb and usb20drv. "Do NOT use USBSTOR.SYS from any of these packages! KEEP the ME version!" I think I still have it. The version I have in system32/drivers is dated 7/13/2003, v5.0.2195.6773, but apparently only the Windows/INF file has any affect based on where LoneCrusader said to place USB2.inf. The version in Windows/INF is dated 6/08/2000, v4.90.3000.0. If the version I have is the Win98 version, which version should I use, and where can I download it from? After writing this post, and after removing all listings under the USB heading from within Device Manager, I restarted in safe mode, renamed the old files that were getting replaced, placed those old files into a folder, and copied the four new files into their two folders listed by LoneCrusader. Then I restarted, and the same Windows messages indicating VIA Tech 3038 PCI to USB Universal Host Controllers were being installed. Then I restarted again following installation of the controllers, per step 6 of NUSB 3.5's installation instructions. I plugged in an HP USB storage device into an HP system, but the device was not recognized by AutoPlay, Device Manager, or on restart.
  5. USB 2.0 Stack for Win98/ME

    1. Please tell everyone which files need to be deleted before starting usb20drv.exe (http://www.mdgx.com/files/USB20DRV.EXE). Is it all files in system32/drivers with USB and EHCI somewhere in the title? 2. Is usb20drv.exe the only thing that is needed to enable usb functionality, or are other downloads also needed, like dencorso's usbstor110c.7z update (http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=28559), or the OP Tihiy's upload (http://sweetlow.at.tut.by/download/usb2.zip) of USB2.INF, USBEHCI.SYS, USBHUB20.SYS, and USBPORT.SYS? If Tihiy's files are superceded by MDGx's USB20DRV, it hasn't been explicitly stated in this thread. The only one I can see overriding MDGx's is usbstor110c aka usbstor.inf. PROBLEMCHYLD didn't mention in Post #41 () which file had a line commented out, so I can't tell which file was fixed (based on the context, it might have been usbstor.inf, usbstor.sys, or an edit of the usb20drv.exe application; it sounds like whichever file was modified was done so to enable a listing of wdmstub.sys in the registry). Whichever file was modified, PROBLEMCHYLD did not upload a corrected version of it, so supercession of PROBLEMCHYLD's fix over MDGx's is still unknown. 3a. Dencorso's method is to install USB20DRV after deleting certain files (see question 1.); install USB20DRV; and to restart in "safe mode and delete all entries for your pendrives and hubs and the EHCI controller." Does this mean going into Device Manager and removing every single entry under Universal Serial Bus controllers? I did not see anything with EHCI in the title in the list of installed devices in Device Manager after booting into Safe Mode. 3b. Do any files in system32/drivers need to be deleted at this point? 3c. Are there any other files that need to be deleted or any alterations not mentioned already that need to be done at this point? 4. Dencorso's instructions continue, "then reboot to normal mode, let windows redetect the EHCI controller." This sounds like an automated Windows task. Is there anything that needs to be done to force EHCI controller redetection? 5. Dencorso's instructions continue, "then plug one-by-one your USB devices, in order for them to be redetected." I plugged in my usb storage drives one at a time, hit refresh, and manually typed F, G, and H in the Run prompt to see if I could get them to open, but it remains as it was prior to downloading anything; usb storage access on the system is non-functional.