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  1. Hi thanks fer the reply. Am certain the drive spins ok - attempted to connect the drive via USB to my laptop(Win 7) and just fer a moment could see the partitions and files. Tried to transfer the files to the laptop but was not successful. Anyway the were not any important documents/files/data when searching through the data. When I did a restart/reboot again the same problem "USB DEVICE NOT RECOGNIZED" came up again. Tried this several times but to no avail. So now I really would like to repair this Maxtor to a working/usable state. Appreciate any assistance on the method to accomplish this. Thanks
  2. Hello Folks, I have a Maxtor Diamondmax 22 STM3500320AS 500GB Sata Hdd. The drive does not seem to be recognized at all. I have attempted to connect it to my other computer via external USB and I get the message USB device not recognized. When it was in the main computer as a 2nd drive, from the computer management/disk management the drive does not show up at all even though it has data on it. The drive spins. I have done the following : Connected the drive to my main computer as slave drive. It is recognized in the BIOS. Then I booted normal through the main sata drive(WD 1000 Sata) with Windows XP - it goes to the windows boot screen then it just hangs on a blank screen. Thereafter I changed the boot order to boot into this Maxtor but nothing happens. Turned off and disconnected the Maxtor and then booted normally into the main drive and all works perfectly. From what I can access, the drive spins(or at least there is some form of vibration like it its attempting to spin - spins twice then stops and repeats this repeatedly). The firmware is MX15. I am assuming that the problem is with the logic board? Could this be the case or would it be with the drive pallet itself. Appreciate any advice on this please and possible solutions to revive/repair the hard rive. Thank You