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  1. I have the v.71 .ZIP file with the ImageX stuff that I'm trying to implement for a project. The "Decompiler" is no longer part of the AutoIT scripting package to do the x64 thing. As such I can't decompile the Browse.exe program to make some modes I want to do with it. I'm trying to re-create it with the AutoIT scripting package, but having some problems getting it to all work - I'm in a bit of a time crunch, so not much time to learn the Ins & Outs of AutoIT yet. Does anyone have the Script that was Decompiled from Browse.exe ?? Thanks in Advance Rob in Milwaukee
  2. Thanks for the Link, it was very helpful. Between that link and Quite a bit of the info I found on this forum, I was able to piece together a procedure from beginnig to end of how to create a WinPE v2.1 boot image/.ISO. thanks agian Rob in Milwaukee
  3. I have a project where I need to use Ghost and WinPE to automate the Ghosting process with a simple Menu. I've seen the posts regarding the use of .HTA and scripting but I have yet to find any documentation as to where to put these files and what I have to do to modify the WinPE 2.1 that is supplied with Ghost Suite v2.5. I've been looking for documentation regarding how to use scripting in WinPE but so far not luck, the searches usually point me to the WIAK regarding the building of a WIinPE boot disk but nothing on how to use .HTA or scripting. If you can point me in the right direction, it would be very much appreciated. .... It's great that software development advances a quickly as it does now a days, but regrettably, in most cases while the software is up to v3, the documentation is still at v0.5 Thanks again Rob in Milwaukee
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