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  1. Yeah, I thought of that, I was just too lazy to do it thou. Maybe next week. ;-) Tx for noticing. Best, MDGx
  2. In RICHEDNT.EXE (for Windows NT 4.0) Riched.dll file is exactly the same as in RICHED9x.EXE (for Windows 9x/ME) - so the file suitable Riched.dll Polish version, which convey in the previous my post. Riched32.dll 5.0.2134.1 there is no Polish version, English version is a universal version. Your wish is my command... I've added a new Win9x/ME RTF Polish fix here + here. The new RTF Polish fix for WinNT4 is here. HTH
  3. MDGx

    DOS Programs

    1. I've used UniVBE, the native DOS driver, a very long time ago, back in the days when old video cards were not compatible with modern VESA standards. Nowadays most of the video hardware doesn't need univbe anymore, unless you're using some old DOS game [can't recall which one I've read about years ago] which was programmed to use univbe [or similar tool], and crashes without, even locking up the computer. Another bug I know of is that univbe [last native DOS version] was created before some video controller manufacturers updated their vid BIOSes, and in such cases [the Vogons forum should have some info on this issue] it is needed a fake univbe driver [*.DRV] to load in memory upon every boot from autoexec.bat or config.sys before univbe loads, in order to fool univbe into thinking the video BIOS is compatible with its driver. 2. To my knowledge each univbe driver is created custom [when you 1st run the EXE tool from native DOS] to the specific video controller BIOS in your computer, and will probably not match many other video controllers out there. Therefore one needs to run univbe.exe on his/her particular computer, in order to create the customized driver that will load in memory from then on. So if you'd like to post your univbe driver, please specify the exact vendor + model of your video controller, and eventually the video BIOS flash build number, so other users can have an idea what to expect, because your custom driver may not work for others. HTH Programs for DOS, drivers for DOS, potatoes, potatos, take your pick... The important fact is that it happened, and much sooner than some of us here at MSFN predicted it would happen... ;-) exFAT drivers for native DOS are finally here [free, open source]... USBexFAT ASPI Disk Driver 1.00: USBEXFAT.COM [27 KB] Native DOS TSR exFAT/FAT64 Reader Driver 0.5: EXFAT.EXE [50 KB] Requires HX DOS extender (free) Experiment: Load them up [1 at a time] in your config.sys +/- autoexec.bat, reboot, and then start Windows 95/98/ME. Theoretically these drivers should provide exFAT/FAT64 support (even if limited) in Windows 9x OSes [95, 98 + ME]. An extended memory manager like HIMEMX.EXE (free) may be needed in config.sys. Do not load them from a DOS box/session/console. WinME users need 1 of these patches to re-enable use of autoexec.bat + config.sys [free]. Enjoy.
  4. No need to get mad... get even... You too can do this at home... just follow this small guide. Specifically... 1. Download [but do *not* install!] English (or any other available 1 if you're more comfortable with French, Italian or Polish) SHELL32.DLL fix: * Unofficial Windows 98/98 SP1/98 SE Explorer Lockups With Internet Explorer 5.xx/6.xx SHELL32.DLL 4.72.3812.634 Fix: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=84451 - SHELL32.DLL Fix [517 KB, English]: http://www.mdgx.com/files/SHELL98.EXE - SHELL32.DLL Fix [520 KB, French]: http://www.mdgx.com/files/SHELL98F.EXE - SHELL32.DLL Fix [520 KB, Italian]: http://www.mdgx.com/files/SHELL98I.EXE - SHELL32.DLL Fix [521 KB, Polish]: http://www.mdgx.com/files/SHELL98P.EXE This SHELL32.DLL Fix corrects Windows Explorer (and similar tools that use SHELL32.DLL APIs) lockups while trying to copy/create/move/delete/rename large number of files/folders with Internet Explorer 5.xx/6.xx already installed. "Rearranged" for easier localization (translation into languages other than English). BUG: This SHELL32.DLL fix breaks the ability of removing annoying arrows from Desktop shortcut icons! FIX: See "PATCHED SHELL32.DLL BUG + FIX" for complete details: http://www.mdgx.com/98-5.htm#PSBF 2. Then copy your own German SHELL32.DLL from C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM [or similar] to a separate directory [i'm gonna use C:\TEMP as example, feel free to use something else], together with the SHELL98x.EXE fix you downloaded. 3. Copy your German shell32.dll [from C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM] to something else like SHELL_DE.DLL -> copy it to C:\TEMP (our example destination). You can do this from a DOS box: COPY %windir%\SYSTEM\SHELL32.DLL C:\TEMP\SHELL_DE.DLL Of course, you can copy that file someplace else using Windows Explorer, File Manager or any other similar file management tool. 4. Extract shell32.dll from fix, using ZIP Folders Explorer right-click menu, 7-zip, WinZIP, WinRAR, PowerArchiver or similar unzipping tool that supports MS CAB format: http://www.mdgx.com/toy.htm#ZIP Or just run this command from a DOS box (example using English fix + C:\TEMP as destination): SHELL98.EXE /C /Q /T:C:\TEMP 5. D/l + install Resource Hacker (freeware): http://www.angusj.com/resourcehacker/ Open German SHELL_DE.DLL in Resource Hacker, and click around until you find the German language text strings. Save each 1 to a separate (resource) file in the same directory, which in this example is C:\TEMP [change if different]. Either write down or copy to a (different) text file the number of each string/resource, to be able to match it later with the ones in English shell32.dll fix. 6. Now open the English [fixed] SHELL32.DLL [extracted from shell98.exe] in Resource Hacker, and look for those strings/resources by matching numbers with your list in your saved text file (above). Replace each English language string of text with the correspondent saved resource from your German shell_de.dll file, or just copy & paste each text string, if you like that better. Save the modded file as SHELL32.DLL in the same directory (C:\TEMP in this example). 7. Reboot/exit to native DOS mode or boot to another OS, like XP, Vista, 7, Linux, MacOS X etc, if you multi-boot, or boot from a backup/rescue floppy/CD/DVD/USB stick or from a live Linux CD to be able to replace shell32.dll [must be outside Windows 98/98 SE]. How to reboot/exit to native DOS using Windows 98 SE: http://www.mdgx.com/newtip10.htm#EXIT2DOS or see the Start Menu options: http://www.mdgx.com/msdos.htm#MEN From native DOS mode [plain C:\ prompt] rename your shell32.dll from C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM (back it up!) to something else, like SHELL_BK.DLL , in case you would like to use it again. Example (I'm still using C:\TEMP): C: CD\TEMP ATTRIB -H -R -S %winbootdir%\SYSTEM\SHELL32.DLL REN %winbootdir%\SYSTEM\SHELL32.DLL SHELL_BK.DLL Then copy your newly modded SHELL32.DLL [the 1 you changed in Resource Hacker] to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM : COPY /Y SHELL32.DLL %winbootdir%\SYSTEM 8. Reboot back to Windows (normal). Done. 9. [Optional... ] And if you do this, please e-mail me the German shell32.dll so I can create an IExpress installer and post it at my site for every1 to benefit. Tx in advance. HTH
  5. You're welcome. Always glad to help.BTW, if you'd like to know more about IEAK, IExpress , SED + INF, have a look see... IEAK: http://www.mdgx.com/add.htm#IEA INF + SED: http://www.mdgx.com/add.htm#INF IExpress, SED + INF guide: http://www.mdgx.com/INF_web/ Enjoy. PS: The wmp.dll fix SED file looks like this: [Version] Class=IEXPRESS SEDVersion=3 [Options] PackagePurpose=InstallApp ShowInstallProgramWindow=1 HideExtractAnimation=0 UseLongFileName=0 InsideCompressed=0 CAB_FixedSize=0 CAB_ResvCodeSigning=0 RebootMode=I InstallPrompt="Install %FriendlyName%?" DisplayLicense=%DisplayLicense% FinishMessage=%FinishMessage% TargetName=%TargetName% FriendlyName=%FriendlyName% AppLaunched=%AppLaunched% PostInstallCmd=%PostInstallCmd% AdminQuietInstCmd=%AdminQuietInstCmd% UserQuietInstCmd=%UserQuietInstCmd% SourceFiles=SourceFiles TargetWin9xVersion=4.10.001-4.90.3999:%OSWarn%:OK TargetNTVersion=0:%OSWarn%:OK TargetFileVersion=@FileSectionList [FileSectionList] 1=#S\WMP.DLL: [Strings] OSWarn=This Update canNOT install on your Windows Operating System! MPWarn=Your version of Windows Media Player does not match the update you are trying to install. DisplayLicense=C:\T\M2378111.TXT FinishMessage=You MUST REBOOT NOW for install to complete properly! TargetName=C:\T\M2378111.EXE FriendlyName=Unofficial Windows 98/98 SP1/98 SE/ME Windows Media Player 9.0 (WMP9) Q2378111 (MS10-082) WMP.DLL Fix AppLaunched=M2378111.INF PostInstallCmd=<None> AdminQuietInstCmd=M2378111.INF UserQuietInstCmd=M2378111.INF FILE0=M2378111.INF FILE1=NIRCMD.EXE FILE2=WMP.DLL FILE3=UNREGMP2.EXE [SourceFiles] SourceFiles0=C:\T\ [SourceFiles0] %FILE0%= %FILE1%= %FILE2%= %FILE3%= ; And this is the INF: [Version] Signature=$CHICAGO$ AdvancedINF=2.5 [DefaultInstall] RunPreSetupCommands=WL:1 DelFiles=BX,DX,SX,LX CopyFiles=MP UpdateInis=WX RegisterOCXs=RR RunPostSetupCommands=RZ:1 [MP] WMP.DLL [BX] WMP.DLL,,,4 [DX] WMP.DLL,,,4 [SX] WMP.DLL,,,4 [LX] WININIT.LOG,,,4 [WX] WININIT.INI,Rename,,"NUL=%10%\WININIT.LOG" WININIT.INI,Rename,,"DIRNUL=%31%\_RESTORE\TEMP" WININIT.INI,Rename,,"DIRNUL=%30%\_RESTORE\TEMP" [WL] "NIRCMD.EXE killprocess MSTASK.EXE" "NIRCMD.EXE killprocess PCHSCHD.EXE" "NIRCMD.EXE killprocess RSTRLFN.EXE" "NIRCMD.EXE killprocess RSTRUI.EXE" "NIRCMD.EXE killprocess STATEMGR.EXE" "NIRCMD.EXE killprocess STMGR.EXE" "NIRCMD.EXE killprocess VXDMON.VXD" "NIRCMD.EXE killprocess IEXPLORE.EXE" "NIRCMD.EXE killprocess WMPLAYER.EXE" "NIRCMD.EXE killprocess MPLAYER2.EXE" "NIRCMD.EXE killprocess PSTORES.EXE" [RZ] "UNREGMP2.EXE /UpdateWMP" "%17%\UNREGMP2.EXE /UpdateWMP" [RR] "%11%\WMP.DLL" [DestinationDirs] MP=11 LX=10 BX=10,SYSBCKUP DX=11,DLLCACHE SX=11,SFP\ARCHIVE [SourceDisksNames] 1=,,0 ; HTH
  6. Thanks for your feedback.Good point. But it looks like other people here at MSFN [older posts in the RichEdit topic], a while back, experienced problems/bugs with newer rich controls, so I left those files the way they are. If you [and eventually others] confirm that the newer richtx32.ocx works ok, I'll update RICHED9X with the newest one. Tx HTH You twisted my arm real bad... ... So I've updated RICHED9X.EXE [Win95/98/ME] + RICHEDNT.EXE [WinNT4] with newer RICHTX32.OCX 6.1.9782 :: >here< + >here<. Enjoy. HTH
  7. MDGx

    DOS Programs

    If any1 still looking for UniVBE tools, >here< they are... Mirror of all ScitTech display doctor + univbe files [now abandoned freeware]. More info @ Wikipedia. HTH
  8. It may be the WMP.DLL detection routine I placed in the SED file.I've just updated it to include all older builds of WMP.DLL up to build [right below the one installed by this fix:]. Please d/l the fix again (1.9 MB), and test it. Theoretically it should work ok now. Tx 4 noticing. HTH
  9. Tx for noticing... I've corrected the link. PS: Was up all nite, so I got an excuse...
  10. Don't know if any1 already posted this here, so I'm gonna do it (again?)... File comparison tools display the differences (eventually highlighted in different colors) of the contents of 2 files side-by-side [binary, text, ASCII, Unicode, UTF etc] for all 9x OSes (free): * MS WinDiff [rather primitive] found on your Win98/98SE/ME install CD-ROM and on MS ftp server (English, free): - WINDIFF.EXE - GUTILS.DLL (required!) - WINDIFF.HLP All 3 files above must reside inside the same folder. * WinMerge [way better features, probably the best of its kind for the money ;-)] (free GPL). HTH
  11. Thanks MDGx .As reported here, I have a whole list of such sites. On the other hand, even after disabling javascript (from inside Maxthon), the crash is still present. Then it's either / or:1. server side scripts [Apache htaccess/config, SSI, PHP, Cron, Zen, etc, or whatever MS server/ASP/IIS scripts they might have] in need of upgrading/changing/better programming = contact the webmaster for the site(s) you're interested to visit in the future. 2. a flaw in all 6.x.xxxx builds of MSHTML.DLL = unfortunately there is no solution, MS discontinued support for all IE 6.0 builds. :-( HTH
  12. You're welcome. I re-uploaded your new files: here + here. Edit... I'm also going to create I have posted here + here an IExpress patch [soon] for WMP9 for 98/98 SP1/98 SE/ME, now that you tested the new XP SP3 KB2378111 fix [thanks!]. HTH Best wishes, MDGx
  13. I'm sure it's possible.You may wish to contact Maximus-Decim, he is experienced in English + Russian patches, he can probably give you some pointers. FYI: You can also compare 2 files of same build but of different languages with a tool like: - WinDiff [rather primitive] found on your Win98/98SE/ME install CD-ROM and on MS ftp server: WINDIFF.EXE GUTILS.DLL (required!) WINDIFF.HLP All 3 files above must reside inside the same folder. - or WinMerge [better features] (free GPL). to see the actual differences for different languages. Then you can translate the text strings into the language of your choice [copy & paste from the file using a hex editor, or use Resource Hacker to save the text strings as separate files], and finally, you can replace those text strings into the file using Resource Hacker (freeware). Make sure you update the version + language information in Resource Hacker so it will display the new language properly. After finished with all changes, it is advised to re-check and re-build (if necessary) the file checksum (digital signature), using one if these tools [free(ware)]. That's it. ;-) I know it's a lot of work, but it is probably the only way, for files that MS did not issue specific languages fixes for. HTH
  14. Also, when you have time, try the new IEAK 6.0 SP3 [from XP SP3 = all available languages]:IEAK6SP3.ZIP (4.11 MB). I've tested it extensively, and so far works 100%. This is the build I'm using now for all my IExpress-based installers. Works also under Vista, 2008 + 7, if the fix was created under 9x/NTx [95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP or 2003]. The only catch with newer Vista, 2008 + 7 IEAK 7/8/9 is: installers created under Vista/2008/7 do *not* work under older 9x/NTx [95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003] OSes. [i'm sure there is a way to bypass this limitation, eventually a little known compatibility mode, but I need to install Win7 to experiment further.] HTH
  15. UPDATED · 12-1-2010 Enjoy _________________________ * Updated RICHED9X.EXE with newer RICHTX32.OCX 6.1.9782. Added Polish RTF Edit Fix: RICHEDPL. * Added SECUR32.DLL 4.10.2228 Fix (modded from ADS Client). * Added WMP9 Q2378111 (MS10-082) WMP.DLL Fix. [thank you winxpi for the suggestion!] * Updated WUPG98 + WUPG98DE: added Q2378111 (MS10-082) WMP Fix. * Added a bunch of Polish fixes: - NUSBPL - SYSPLGPL - OLEUP_PL - PL329048 - PL920670 HTH _________________________ dencorso + other Windows 2000 + XP users: If you're interested, I have a new Unofficial WMP9 security fix [1.87 MB, English] for Windows 2000 SP4 + XP Pre-SP3 (XP RTM/retail/OEM, XP SP1, XP SP1a + XP SP2) = WMP.DLL from WinXP SP3 Q2378111 (MS10-082) patch. Info. Enjoy. ;-)
  16. Thanks for your feedback.Good point. But it looks like other people here at MSFN [older posts in the RichEdit topic], a while back, experienced problems/bugs with newer rich controls, so I left those files the way they are. If you [and eventually others] confirm that the newer richtx32.ocx works ok, I'll update RICHED9X with the newest one. Tx HTH
  17. To my knowledge soporific hasn't made any changes to this project for almost 3 years [since February 2008].I'm not sure he still updates the Driverpacks anymore. ;-( BTW: When you quote something, please limit quote length to a minimum relevant to your question/request/comment. Thanks for listening. ;-) HTH
  18. Apologize for not telling you I added links to your page: here, here + here. HTH [how rude! but better late than nerver... ;-)] Keep up the good work.
  19. Confirmed, also. That web page crashed IE 6.0 SP3 while running WinXP SP3 on my PC. The OS was not affected. The URL works properly in all my other browsers [newest builds of Firefox, Chrome + Opera]. I'm using MSHTML.DLL 6.00.2900.6003 English QFE build installed by KB982381 [MS10-035] security fix. Probable causes [iMHO]: 1. The webmasters of that site may have server-side scripts to not allow IE 6.0 SPx or older. But crashing browsers is a sign of poor programming, there are simple javascript + css scripts to alert the user to install a newer/better browser, without crashing. ;-( 2. Maybe there's a bug or exploitable flaw in MSHTML.DLL [so far looks like all 6.00.xxxx.xxxx versions/builds are affected]. And if that's true, I hope MS is working hard to fix it [oh, I forgot (not!)... IE6 support has been terminated, they don't care ;-)]. 3. Or could be a combination of both #1 + #2 above. [?] If any1's interested to study this further, these are that web site's local scripts: CSS: http://www.dico-des-mots.com/style.css JS: http://www.dico-des-mots.com/functions.js Nothing there that can cause a browser crash [benign scripts]. But maybe their server settings/configs are to blame (?), in which case somebody should contact their webmaster and report this bug. This web server is using Apache + PHP 4.4.9: http://www.seoconsultants.com/tools/headers/ The only other JS scripts on that page come from Google Ads: http://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/show_ads.js and this adware hit counter [which I have disabled in my HOSTS file]: logv29.xiti.com/hit.xiti HTH
  20. I've added links to new WUPG98 here. Keep up the good work. HTH
  21. UPDATED · 11-23-2010 Enjoy _________________________ Updated: WUPG98: new edition 2010. KernelEx: new RC5. RP: new 9.7. Explor98: new Polish fix. HTH
  22. I don't have any.All (hot)fixes I have are already posted at my site. To see the entire list of (hot)fixes, updates + packs I have, please download W95-11D.ZIP -> extract SOFTWARE.TXT -> open SOFTWARE.TXT with a better Notepad (not limited to 64 KB maximum file size). FYI, this is how to request hotfixes from MS in supported languages [not all fixes have lots of languages, some have only English ;-(]: http://www.mdgx.com/mshf.php And if you get any, please e-mail them to me [please rename .exe to .exx to allow attachments with my e-mail provider], and I'll post them at my site. Thanks in advance. HTH
  23. MDGx

    Ie6 sp1 w98se

    If any1 needs IE 6.0 SP1 installation files: look here. HTH
  24. In the near future I'll compile I have compiled an Iexpress installer for modded secur32.dll 4.10.2228 to be installed after ADS client. Enjoy. [tx to dencorso who alerted me about this new fix!] HTH
  25. Sorry I wasn't clear, what I mean is when I view a cab file in explorer.exe the extract button doesn't work. Replacing the WinME version of cabview.dll with the Win98SE version fixed that. I'll see what I can do.In the near future I plan to fix all bugs I know of. Thanks for your patience. HTH
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