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  1. How can make default aero theme on windows 8 professional on dvd
  2. i make modify windows 8 and when go to install load driver no device drivers were found???any solution please!
  3. on windows 8 working perfect i make edition of windows 8
  4. tolios1313


    how can make defaults one theme on windows 8 dvd iso??please help!
  5. how can add apps on Windows 7 sp1 disc dvd i try now but i can't find the solution i need help if you can upload pictures please help! thnx
  6. help me guys i dont know how work that :'( who can help ??or have teamviwer?
  7. who can help me with teamviwer i dont know how work that ?? :'(
  8. and how change the color of text w32ui.dll please!

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