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  1. Unfortunately is not working. Same errors... I did that on windows xp sp3, dotnet 3.5. Regards
  2. I will try to do it tomorrow on windows xp... just as a test
  3. Hello, First of all, Thank you for this application! I am here because I have some problems in running it. I have windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 32Bits, and when I run the app I get JIT error and also is asking for "en-US" folder, and it is complaining about write access. I have tried to run it in normal way and in as administrator way - same error(s); I have created that folder - Nothing happen; I have downloaded the Firefos 17 installer, and I have put it in the same folder as the application, I have extracted the files from the installer and then I put them into the same folder, as app; Then in the en-US folder, and the full installer too - Same error(s); I don't know what is not working. I have attached the printscreen in FFaM-1.png, and the error details in FFaM-2.txt. FFaM-2.txt Thank you for any idea and any help!

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