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  1. Oh... well, I think that's good for him and bad for us, so I guess this thread can be closed since nobody can answer my question without being persecuted by the law thanks anyway guys. Bye
  2. I know, I'm aware of that, but I'd like to know the exact mechanism (like the commands or a set of batches) so I can manually replicate it on my own without the needing of vlite since it crashes on me every time. Thanks
  3. Hi all, I'd like to know, if possible, how exactly vlite does remove the Winsxs component from the iso. I'm trying to follow a guide on the net that is using vlite but I'm only having errors, so I'd like to have (I know the source code is not possible) an explanation on how Vlite does that process. Thank you Shanti
  4. Hi all, I see this thread has not being updated in a while but I need some help here I'm trying to get this to work with method 3: I installed Windows 7 Pro x64 on a virtual machine, ran all the updates and installed sp1, sysprepped it and captured the image with Gimagex. When I try to remove winsxs with vlite it always crashed after the "preparing" step. I used a volume license iso, I already tried with a retail one but no luck. I'm using this method because I wanted all the updates to work correctly, if I remove winsxs from the iso before installing the os I get all kind of errors updating the system and sysprep is kind of broken. So what am I doing wrong? Any clue or help? Thanks Shanti

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