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  1. Well, I tried the parted magic, downloaded and made a bootable USB, starts of ok, but just leads to a black screen. Whatever the issue was it was fixed by installing the intel rapid storage driver. 90sec seems a bit long for cold boot, but it works, better than 10min at least. Everything else seems to be stable, no freezing or crashes at all. Installed CIV V again and even that works, so doesnt seem like that was related to the issue either.
  2. Ok, tried installing intel rapid storage technology as suggesedin the other forum Tripredacus linked to... suddenly changed to a 90s cold boot instead of 10min, still can't initialize the iSSD thoug, "due to I/O error... Tried installing the intel rapid start technology as well, but says I don't have enough system requirement, suggested in different forum it was due to the RAM upgrade, 20gb needed for the rapid storage and 1gb per gb of ram. the 32gb disk says 29gb available and i have 10gb ram so... Will run a boot trace when i get home and post it here in case someone better at this than me wants a look. Sort of think I'll just give up on that 32gb and leave it be. Things seems stable.. not that I understand the issue though.
  3. Trying some of the ideas on that other forum, swiping it did get it initialized somehow, but still no go on partition or change in boot time.
  4. Not my own build, an ultrabook. Resumes fine from sleep, but not from cold start. As stated above all of the extra boot time seems to be because of that 32gb ssd soldered to the motherboard.
  5. Used clean command several times, waiting for partition master to finish its swipe, considering the time it's taking I'm assuming it's doing a "clean all" I know that's not good for a ssd, but since the only other option I have right now is sending it back...
  6. Don't care if it takes a few seconds extra to boot. With OS on the new ssd it would probably be faster anyway. Just want less than 10 min boot and access to the 32gb ssd.
  7. You are supposed to be able to use that 32gb ssd for OS or storage instead though. Bit of a waste to use it as a hibernate storage, fast enough from sleep.
  8. Guess I'm not allowed this name, make it "Swede" then
  9. I was under the impression that ACHI had the raid function, read a guide on installing windows on the 32gb and it says set to ACHI.
  10. Ok, if this swipe does nothing that'll be my next step.
  11. Aborted swipe and tried IDE, made the computer bluescreen immediately that the win logo showed up and go back to recommending startup repair. Trying the swipe again as I'm out of ideas, keeping to 1% an hour though so will take a few days to get through and not so sure it'll help. Might be a case of sending it back... although I'm still fairly sure it's not a hardware issue.
  12. Just started having issues with the time it takes to boot my brand new Asus ux32vd. Problem seems to be related to the SanDisk SSD i100 32gb that's soldered to the motherboard. Tried clean command in prompt, tried initializing in disk management, but only says it can't find the volume. Ran SanDisk diagnostic tool and it says it's fine. Can't use it and causes a boot delay of 400 seconds though. I've looked for driver updates in device manager, but says it's up to date. Running bios in ahci mode and the computer can find the drive. (removed it from boot order though) Anyone else had this issue?
  13. Yeah, been searching day and night online for solutions, trying IDE was my next step. Righ now i downloaded EaseUS partition master and I'm trying a swipe/initialize/format on it. Been running for about an hour and I've got 1% of the swiping data done so far.... I'm going to leave home for the day and see where it's at tonight.
  14. It's soldered to the motherboard so no can't physically remove it. Diagnostic tool from SanDisk says it's fine though....
  15. Just realized that both of the SSDs you mention is the 32gb one... not sure if that could be related to the registry error as well... Not a computer guy really, but got a gut feeling the culprit is that 32gb... tried diasbling it in disk management but made no difference on boot time