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  1. KernelEx for Win2000

    For those trying to install WMP11...Maybe this works for you. if you have the following errors: the version of windows you have installed does not match the update you are trying to install Setup could not verify the integrity of the file Update.inf. Make sure the Cryptographic service is running on this computer. Failed to install catalog files. After installing Blackwingcat`s DLL Wrapper and Kernelex, I noticed Cryptographic Service became broken. This led to the fact I couldn`t install WMP11. After searching for solutions, I managed to install it with the following method. - Extract the contents of WMP11.exe - Go to the extracted folder and go the folder update - Open the file update.inf with notepad or another text editor - replace the first part [version] so that it lists the following: [Version] Signature="$Windows NT$" LanguageType=%LangTypeValue% CatalogFile=%SP_SHORT_TITLE%.cat NtBuildToUpdate=2195 NtMajorVersionToUpdate=5 NtMinorVersionToUpdate=0 MaxNtBuildToUpdate=2195 MaxNtMajorVersionToUpdate=5 MaxNtMinorVersionToUpdate=0 MinNtServicePackVersion=1024 MaxNtServicePackVersion=1024 ThisServicePackVersion=1280 - Replace update.exe with update.exe coming from another working WIndows 2000 update or hotfix. That should do the trick. Same idea goes for installing wmfdist11
  2. Win2k "NT4-ified"

    Placing NT4 Explorer on XP still looks like a buggy method. Meanwhile, I was thinking more from the aspect of using XP Explorer and modify it until the desired NT4 look is there. Here`s some steps in (almost) achieving an NT4 look: - A while ago I stumbled upon a small tool that helps bringing back a more Windows 98/2000 style to XP Inexperience Patcher. -The next step is hiding the Windows flag throbber thing in the upper right corner that was implemented in Windows 98/2000. Remove Throbber -Last part, which is actually the most difficult to alter are the toolbar buttons used in Explorer. You know, the types that colour up whenever you hover your mouse over them. Now my question is: Can this toolbar be modified so that it shows the exact same button style as Winnt4? I often hear of programming codes that lets a toolbar button be "standard, with the ld border style" or "flat". This is what I mean So did Microsoft use a same sort of alteration during the creation of Windows98/2000/IE4Desktopupdate? And can this still be modified with a hidden setting or hex editing? I already tried looking into Explorer.exe/comctl32.dll/user32.dll to find references to this part but couldn`t find anything to return them from "flat" to "standard(bordered)"