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  1. SOLVED, win xp working. now i need to test sound, internet and stuff like that. it won't let me edit post anymore hvala puno bugarine komsijo uhm, why did you delete my posts? i now have a "let's activate windows" message it threatens to stop letting me use it after 1 month
  2. when i say "solved" and post pics of windows desktop it is solved so no, i didn't figure it out... i told you i need instructions :\ this is a very frustrating experience for me :'( realize that I am stupid for this, I have never done it before, I do not know what to do anymore and errors are not an option, it is NOT my netbook and I do not want to make a major screw-up http://www.nliteos.com/download.html nLite Deployment Tool for the Bootable Unattended Windows ISO (Remove components, integrate hotfixes, drivers and themes. Tweaks, patches...) v1.4.9.1 | Installer | 2.54 MB downloaded this done the 3) part 1) ok, i see that i should click the F6 thing in order to install those drivers prior to the installation can you explain which ones should i put and where? 2) still need to dig this NEW EDIT tried to install i now got the wow oh god i think i won here i'll take pics and try to install, hang on edit next: http://i.imgur.com/kIVUr.jpg but fail http://i.imgur.com/XPuPB.jpg i think i'll have to wipe everything? edit next: i wiped E V E R Y T H I N G because linux works in mysterious ways and windows must work as NTFS so i made 1 partition of 50GB and pc decided to make everything else as D:\ , i wanted to make some separations but nvm, i do not want to complicate. so atm i am formatting the C:\ of 50gig to NTFS, took pic for someone who will read this in few years lol i think i got it now... i'll edit this post further. thanks NEW EDIT: installation part 1 done (copying files on hdd) then i went to part 2 i now have the GUI on
  3. i am a bit rusty with my computer skills, sorry. really. can i have the link for the latest 1.0 beta8? i'll check the first post :S 3) is ok, i understood it, it's been long time since i installed winxp... edit: please believe that i am currently feeling like a stupid caveman, tired as hell, trying to make this work, it's not for me, it's for a dear person. i need some step-by-step, everything seems like chinese alphabet here stupid me found the beta 8 . . . edit2 tried the beta8 i had the partition 0 option or the internal option clicked both both returned me to the same screen.
  4. Hello everyone, I have registered because I got into trouble while trying to put Win XP on Acer Aspire One D257... *torrented winxp* First, i did the uiso thing, it wrote on my usb http://i.imgur.com/49STI.jpg i put it in , enter BIOS with F2, set boot from usb, then i get the message : INF file txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing, status 18. Setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit. I search for alternate solutions and end up with WinSetupFromUsb 023, i write on usb again boots good, enters setup, i click enter on first part of setup... then it DOESN'T show that i can install on HDD (which is detected in bios, linux works on it, 500gig thing) and only shows the USB (7k + MB) i tried to install it there for the kicks and lols and i got the message that drive U: is corrupted whatever i do it even offered me to make it a NTFS (i think it's FAT32 atm, my usb ...) Help me, PLEASE I'd rather take help here and potentially donate money here when we get paypal, rather than drag this netbook to the service to some guy who'll do it for more money in like 30min. :S http://i.imgur.com/hhnSZ.jpg i don't get this i get this after winsetupfromusb finishes work ;o edit: more pics http://imgur.com/R00XA,B4D3M,Fser5#0 "see this, wat do"