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  1. dont know if just said, but I've this issue: when I click the start menu and go to all programs, it hang when trying to show the icons for the ones not in a folder...I dont have many, just around 15... and I've windows XP options to show... it doesnt happen everytime, just one out of 4-5
  2. Hi guys, I'm just going to upgrade to 8.1, its possible to try the rc2 version, or its just for some testers? I've just bought startisback for windows 8 ty in advance
  3. for me, I'll never upgrade to blue if it means to lose the orb. SIB for all the life.
  4. The team from start8 now have just released an app to open every metro apps in an explorer process into the desktop, maybe startisback can have this function in future?
  5. Hi ty, I found this little bug....right click over a shortcut that dont point more to a file, when the alert will show ,the avatar "pop" in front of the menù. See the attachment for a better understanding
  6. Hi Tihiy, happy user of SiB here I've a little question, but I dunno if u can satisfy me: I miss one feature of windows 7 explorer...the possibility to see a preview of an image or the detail pane) if "clicked" one time, in the bottom of the windows...in w8 we can only see the preview if we enable the big (and ugly) panel from the top bar, that go on the side of the window...I dont know if your older project that replaced win8 explorer with the one from 7 works to fix this issue, but I dont really want to use it now that I've SiB...its possible to add this option in SiB too? Hope my request was enough clear to understand... ps.: many guys tryed to resolve this "issue" modding shell32 (this is one, just for reference: http://spyrow.deviantart.com/art/Windows-8-Details-Pane-to-the-Bottom-336379870), but for me, nothing works...I had to made a backup copy cuz my windows 8 was screwed after replace the file... hope tihiy can do a better job
  7. This shouldn't be the case with version 1.2.1 or later. This is normal and expected for non-bottom taskbar position though. Dunno, first time I've noticed it....and I've always the taskbar on the bottom :|
  8. got the same issue as someone stated before: the avatar box isn't more like between the starrmenù edge but it's "under" it O_o
  9. hmm I've the 1.2Rc1 installed but from the app menù it says new version avaible...but when I click it will open the websites where only the 1.1 version is downloadable...what's happening? O_o There's a new version or not? And where is if yes?
  10. @Tihi: I've tryed to buy SiB throught the blackfriday promotion but I got an error from paypal saiyng that I cannot make this transaction... what's the problem? :/ edit: nvm, just done!
  11. Not sure what your looking for but have you tried using the Win+X shortcut? Ah! It's almost the same, but I remember that right-clicking the left-bottom corner before startisback I got other options, like the "internet & connection center" (sorry but I dunno how it's spelled in the english version). It would be useful if we can get the same right-clicking the orb now
  12. I've a request: can we have some other options in the right click over the orb like windows 8? I founded useful the link to the "internet options" and to System, now we have to go through control panel again to go there, hmm...
  13. It's working good for me. I just downloaded and installed 16 updates to my apps. I just right-clicked and went to My Apps too without a problem. Peoblem solved, was a stupid bug from the ms account...I needed to just log-off and on again to fix it...-.-
  14. It's working good for me. I just downloaded and installed 16 updates to my apps. I just right-clicked and went to My Apps too without a problem. hmm very strange I've tryied right now but I'm still stuck with this error...
  15. hmm guys cool mod I'm trying it but... the store works ok for you? Because I can click and enter but if I right click and go to "my apps" from the bar above I receive a login error...:/

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