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  1. NVidia drivers 82.69

    Hi loblo, yes, my Geforce 7600 GT is a 512 MB AGP device. Can you tell me, where i find that RAM patch from Rudolf Loew? I just found dead links Would like to check out the demo/trial. Recently i tested a WDM-driver for any Geforce, which i found in web. But it was than a driver for video capturing and such rubbish. I also tried ZakMcKracken's driver-mod, same as with the 82.69 driver, the installer did not find the Geforce chip, but installation by 'have disk' worked fine. However, when restarting - right before the moment, when desktop should appear - the computer hangs with blinking cursor. Do you still have any ideas? Thanks for your help.
  2. NVidia drivers 82.69

    Hi guys, sorry for waking up that old thread, but i totally despair in getting my Geforce 7600 GT running in Windows 98 SE. Windows was installed (a few times) new on a 4 GB FAT32 partition (formatted right before first setup, before later setups just did "deltree programs" and "deltree windows" in DOS) and updated with inofficial Service Pack v2.x, also tried the new beta v3.0b4 Service Pack, or updated not at all, with chipset drivers, without chipset drivers, tried several DX'es (7, 9.0c, 9.30, ...) – i cannot get the 7600GT running in 98SE. 1) installing via the Win32 Cabinet Self-Extractor exe (that thing i downloaded), 2) installing via extracting this package (i used WinRAR) to Desktop and run setup.exe manually 3) installing out of this folder via "Gerätemanager" (=windows device manager? that thing in [win]+[pause] > second tab) 4) downloaded the .zip package and also tried this via windows device manager results: 1) after extracting and self-starting the setup, i get a bunch of errors. setup window looks badly corrupt. i may click 'OK' but there is no error message... except the last: "no nvidia chip device found" 2) same as 1) 3) installation seems fine, after restart there is no tray icon, and in right-click-on-desktop > display settings i cannot set anything else than 640x480@16 (unfortunately not 16 bits... no, 16 colors -.-) 4) same as 3) My computer: - Athlon XP - a few PATA HDDs (installed on Samsung SP2514N), - Abit KV7 Mainboard (VIA ethernet+audio+usb) - RAM tried 256 and 512 MB with performance tweaks out of the SP 3.0b4 I think, i tried pretty much everything, but the 7600GT won't run on more than 'Standard PCI VGA' style ... it is annoying, since it is a fanless board. I don't need fat game 3D graphics power, i just need silence and a resolution of 1280x1024@16bit for a little bit music production in retro style. Does someone hava an idea to solve this problem? Thanks and many greetings from Germany, Kuschelbaerchen btw: are any screenshots required? @ MDGx: do you still have a few older versions of your modded driver? in you write about a NVAGP.INF ... but the newest package contains the NVAML.INF