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  1. Version 1.3RC1


    - Fixed: shortcuts for newly installed apps couldn't be removed from MFU app list

    - Fixed: MFU app list could contain duplicate item

    - Only certain (pinnable) newly installed program shortcuts are highlighted

    - Hot corners are enabled for Modern apps only for monitor where they're open on

    - RTL Windows languages are now supported

    1.3rc1 bug

    the right-click menu shows diffient the line has turned to the characters right now



  2. 对我个人而言,每次运行cfg.exe时检查有无新版本已经足够了



    For me personally, the check for a new version of each run cfg.exe enough

    It is not necessary to get a big reminder annoying, and so also require additional processes and services, it is not necessary

    The best is to maintain the status quo

  3. Only when you run configurator. I may introduce checking in explorer as well, but i don't like obtrusive notifications (nobody does). Do you have an idea how to notify about new version if configurator is not running?
    Use a scheduled task?

    no matter how to notify,I do not like any more extra services and processes running

    Maybe ,the now notification is enough , Updating is not a usual feature

  4. Oh ok, it only checks once per day. I must have never hit that point???? Is it hardcoded? When does it check?

    Only when you run configurator. I may introduce checking in explorer as well, but i don't like obtrusive notifications (nobody does). Do you have an idea how to notify about new version if configurator is not running?

    no matter how to notify,I do not like any more extra services and processes running

  5. Thank you for the answer! I didn't know where to access StartisBack. That is why I went to C drive. If there is no information where SiB can be accessed, it would be nice if an information is given at first installation.
    It *IS* given at first installation and as well in FAQ. I may add a control panel item or start menu shortcut as well, but i hope it's not necessary.

    Not necessary at all

  6. @Tihiy:

    Bug! Text typed in start menu is grey just like the text before you start to typing like where is string "Search programs and files" and when you type something then letters color should be changed to black, but here that isn't the case.

    yeh,this had mentioned many times before

  7. This is not really a bug but an observation, when typing text in the search bar of start menu it appears grey and not black.

    It's same way in Windows 7 start menu, the color in the search box is not black.

    That's not true, only the "Search programs and files" is in gray, but typed text is black.

    That‘s true


    You're now ready for Windows 8 GA. Getting it in time was my ultimate goal and i hope i succeeded! From prototype to fully functional version in three weeks, quite a feat.

    This beta is intended to be last beta. Note that it's 30 day trial (per user). It's fully featured and won't nag you.

    After trial expires, StartIsBack will still work, but start menu will be non-functional and will nag you every boot.

    This build is capable of activation, but activation itself is not tested yet, so i give license keys to few trusted pals and we'll be testing.

    Buying and license key gifts to donators should come after testing.

    Download: http://startisback.com/StartIsBack_betathree.zip

    List of changes:

    - Fixed critical: explorer crashes if start is apps and items in all programs are renamed

    - Fixed critical: renaming pinned items broke them

    - Fixed: renaming MFU items didn't work correctly

    - Fixed: off-by-one recent program count (if no items are pinned)

    - New: context menu for All Programs

    - New: allow edges on secondary monitors

    - New: configurable Start screen hotkey

    - New: middle mouse Start button click invokes Start screen

    - New: updated config UI, PNG orbs support, animated orb gallery

    - New: trial and activation

    - Code cleanup and optimization

    And installer of course! Note that StartIsBack is installed for user only - into \Users\<User>\AppData\Local\StartIsBack

    Installer is a bit lame for now, but installing per-machine won't likely be implemented for v1.0 personal edition.

    Spread the word about this version, it's meant to be heard of, i hope there are no bugs :rolleyes: .

    Icon is probably temporary, shamrock will stay probably. Everybody loves shamrock?


  9. Don't worry, guys, C&D letters will be sent the second i won't like BetaArchive actions.

    Everything can be cracked, even with hardware protection keys and poly-cripted protected code all over (recall Skype).

    What's more important is to make sure that license key and activation system can't be hijacked. I've taken care of that.

    Besides, StartIsBack will be cheap :whistle:

    Stay tuned, Beta 3 will come 25/26.


  10. Why would you consider this better than Ex7forW8?

    Ex7 prevents any part of metro from even loading, saving memory and cpu. Start Is Back seems to have both???

    How is your program better in terms of performance and functionality?

    C the introduction in first page

    "No extra services running, no extra processes running, no files patched, no admin rights required, fully translated into your language."

  11. Beta 3 is coming this week, here are some screenshots of updated config UI




    Note that shamrock and circle moving are possible logos for StartIsBack :rolleyes:

    If you know a designer or a good design for possible start orb logo, please PM me.

    Hoo~hoo~, Angry birds

    SiB is coming bigger & bigger.......

  12. Oh concerning the key combination, I wouldn't think you'd want to use the Right Win key, because I've seen keyboards that do not have that key, just the Context Menu on the right. And then of course the regular Windows key on the left side.

    My thinkpad T400 has no right win-key at all。

  13. the right Windows-Key to show the Metro startscreen doesn't always work for me. The fist time, metro shows for a few ms and goes away. the second time, the desktop startmenu shows up and when i press the key again I go to Metro.

    Me too!

    The same happen to mine

  14. I've installed Beta0ne, my Windows hangs on desktop screen without icons and start menu.

    I'm using italian Windows 8 Pro build 9200.

    Before using your software i've installed Classic Shell and Stardock's Start 8

    your instll path is wrong

    copy the “Startisback” to C:\

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