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  1. Gee, sorry for bumping, AND not being here for a while but yes, that's what I was referring to in my OP.
  2. You mean Windows Me? Windows Me is WAY BETTER than this piece of crap.
  3. TO BE EDITED. 1.)The Metro UI. Now Windows 8 is supposed to be a complete reimagining of the Windows platform. New ideas, new logo (WHY!?), new everything... but the base stays the same. So what I'm trying to get at is... the HORRIBLE USER INTERFACE. Why Microsoft, Why? Do you realize that not EVERYONE has touchscreen devices, DO YOU!!?? Darn... it's IE 4 all over again. 2.)Removal of useful features/apps. They did that in Windows Vista/7 but with Windows 8 Microsoft took it to the extreme. No Start Button? WHY!? Metro is taking over my screen with all this banner and full screen crap, but for what reason? So Microsoft can get more money! No Windows Gadgets? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
  4. It worked fine on Windows 2000 on the same computer though.
  5. The system specs for Dell OptiPlex GX150 are: Intel Pentium 3 933MHZ processor 256MB SDRAM Intel 815E chipset 3Com 3C920 Integrated Fast Ethernet Controller (3C905C-TX Compatible) Intel 3D with AGP Onboard nVidia Riva TNT2 (Currently using as graphics) Sound Blaster emulation: Analog Devices AD1885 AC97 Codec (SoundMAX x86 VM General MIDI server) Windows 98 Second Edition. The audio is funny too, it sounds OK but is a pitch higher. Is there something wrong here?
  6. Bill Gates didn't leave... he just stepped down as chairman of Microsoft. >_>
  7. OK, so here is the deal. I tried to play this game on Windows 95C, but when it went past the SEGA logo, it froze my whole computer. I disabled MIDI sound and then it worked. Tried of Windows 98 SE, but same thing happened. I installed Direct X, but same thing happened. Can you guys give me any pointers? EDIT: Reinstalled Win98 SE due to problems, and Direct X 8.0 (From Virtua Tennis PC version).
  8. Not much to say here, apart from the obvious; live in the UK, 12 (I know, I know!), and interested in Windows 9x. I like to make programs as a hobby, and would probably make some great Windows programs for you guys. Sorry if this post is kinda lazy, but I'm not very interesting at all. Anyway, I hope I have a great time here with you guys, and thanks for letting me join this forum. Your friend (not really, nobody really likes me), LeaflameSD
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