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  1. Hello all. i tried that BWC driver and i was quite dissatisfied because i want to use the control panel and he didnt include the install files. So i did the driver myself, and here i write how you can do it, i posted it elsewhere on the net also. THERE is one flaw. i cannot enable dualview. preferably first, uninstall your current driver (i had 94.24_forceware_winxp_english_whql) to avoid no control panel loading at all. download 190.62_desktop_winxp_32bit_english_whql and run. it will put the drivers in and tell you the controlpanel couldnt be installed. running the CPL msi by itself gave the error "Setup failed to read the required Display Driver to be used with this package. Setup will not continue", leave it open and go to the "local settings\temp" directory and look for random characters like {925BE668-2... and copy the MSI file from there to another dir, and exit the setup. create a new folder in my documents, then do the following to extract it: msiexec /a "C:\Documents and Settings\User1\Local Settings\Temp\NVIDIA Control Panel.msi" /qb TARGETDIR="C:\Documents and Settings\User1\My Documents\New Folder" note that if you are using old cig's wrapper, the command will not work, you need to start with C:\winnt\system32\msiexec in "new folder" i find: Nvidia control panel.msi (2.56Mb), and System32 and Windows folders. move the files to the appropriate folders and reboot. if you rebooted, doing only the drivers, you should get two errors looking for files which is good. if you did both and you got errors you did something wrong. I go to enable dualview and reboot and it doesnt work. opening display properties may bring up the error (you may have to enable dualview more times to see it, or via the tray icon) "The Currently selected graphics driver can not be used. It was written for a previous version of Windows, and is no longer compatible with this version of Windows...". there is no ! beside it in Device Manager so i bet its a simple registry tweak. after fooling in the registry i seem to have only managed to remove the error, i dont get the two displays. so i can make do with horizontal span or because i have an X700 card in the machine too i can run two monitors on that other people have gotten this error also (where i had posted) http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?p=4426274 http://www.sevenforums.com/graphic-cards/220458-latest-nvidia-drivers-296-10-installation-fails-2.html#post2125221 enjoy... from memory the latest 306 drivers, dont work at all, and i tried 270 and i cant get the control panel to work - it couldnt find NvStartup in NvCpl.dll and got an error for NvMcTray.dll too. and unlocker is required if you happen to be updating the control panel from within windows (stop the nvidia service too). Charlie.
  2. I have decided to reinstall my windows 2000 computer. my greatest problem is with the ATI X700 drivers. I have solved the issue with BWC's 10.2 drivers, but i am curious why my originals failed because they worked on other reinstallations - is it possible some sort of lock out occurred? I had some troubles last time, it worked flawless all the times before that, this time neither the installer or the drivers will work at all. because of the success i had last time i renamed the file with (Xseries) - i know this DID work last time (i dont know if i ran this setup and if it failed, but after some struggle finding the right one, i ran it and it worked, not sure if something happened during the struggle to help it). the filename is 10-02_legacy_xp32-64_dd_ccc.exe. in all except the last of the scenarios below, i got the error "Setup has determined that the operating system in use is not a 64bit OS and as this Setup is intended for 64bit systems only Setup will now exit". the installer does have 32 and 64bit folders. the xp32(only) driver installer doesnt seem to include drivers for the X series (X700), so thats ruled out. I managed to force install the drivers by replacing [ATI.Mfg.NTx86] (not in the 64bit folder as you can see) with [ATI.Mfg] in the INF file, after reboot (and including the last scenario below) i get in the device property page: "the device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for the device. (code 31)". I was quite sure i didnt have to edit the INF file in the past also (and i never knew about the RU2 and xp based updates)... so it does seem to me there is some sort of lockout. These things are what i have tried/installed *without SP4 (SP3) - the force installed driver caused BSOD on reboot (kernel32). *with RU1 *with RU2 *with RU1 and 2 uninstalled (sp4 only) *Java 5update5 (at the moment) *dotnet 2 *directX 9c *fresh install and changing the timestamps and system time to Mar 2009 (after the install program's release, according to a program named "MediaInfo" on sourceforge.net), though program was briefly launched in a dir and with files dated with 2012 (it was still checking the file's integrity when i ended that task). *i tried ConvertCatalysXP-2K by Bernhard Schelling, which installed for the above 10-02 installer, but not for 10-5. By the way this took like 1.5 days... learnt to back up UURollup is out of the question due to BSOD, but i never used that in my past fresh installations. its related to the problems expressed here too: http://www.overclockers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=657981 http://forums.anandtech.com/showthread.php?p=25600164#post25600164 the suggestion to use Omega drivers does work but i prefer the originals, doesnt work when originals are installed over the top. as for black wing cats, ATI1204w2k.cab doesnt support my card, and his ati2k1002l.zip is 10.2, and does work - So it makes me wonder what he did to fix it? with my prior installation im quite sure i got 12.2 to install. the reason for the reinstall is i did a failed update, and found i didnt back up my whole installation (and reformatted, then i found my backup) - you need a fresh install once in a while... the icons had been messing up, though i found an indirect solution to that. SO what on earth happened? im curious. Charlie.
  3. http://www.windows2000.tk/ has referenced this topic for discussion about UURolup. I reinstalled my computer with Windows 2000 SP3 installed SP4 installed Update Rollup 1 installed Update Rollup 2 then i installed UURollup and after the reboot, the computer reboots after the pause at startup that some installations have, you shouldnt say its 'complimentary' on the windows2000.tk site , but 'avoidable'.... also you need to remove the statements that update rollup 1 is in update rollup 2 in this topic: (because that is false, causes BSOD on boot up, when done without UR1) BTW, how do you install the latest java? i can only get success with 6u29, and no further than 6u33 (original file needs downloading, Sun has updated all their old versions to use a new win2000-unfriendly installer). i ask because i get the occaisional web advertiser trying to put trojans on the computer. i use comodo and host files to defend against that but the latest java is best. Charlie.
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