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  1. ATI Radeon Driver for Windows 2000

    Hi tomasz86, thanks i would give this a try, first i look for a SP4 English version. Where to get this unofficial Kernel. When installing XP, everything work fine. with the same driver failing under w2k. i will inform u.
  2. ATI Radeon Driver for Windows 2000

    yes my system is a german w2k - try all the version fromBlackWingCat's blog at the moment. can you say a few words to "they require the unofficial kernel to work" with normal w2k kernel it's impossible, and therfore BlackWingCat Versions are patched to go around the problem? Or you mean, the missing function in kernel solved with Update Rollup 1 V2? Maybe BlackWingCat will give me some hints. Kernel Debugging, Softice etc i already used in past, but i'm not so familier with screen-drivers. if i solve i will tell here, otherwise i have to go to XP.... Thanks
  3. ATI Radeon Driver for Windows 2000

    Hi tomasz86 thanks for your help. Tried them already. just tried them again. Cleaned everything with Driversweeper and installed the driver from ati1105w2k.cab ati1107w2k.cab dosn't work because of the missing "Mobility" Strings for the Mobile Versions. same result, after loading the driver just flickering but boot screen stays and the system continues a little bit. But no startup sound. Should i try 1107 with the inf of 05? Maybe one point - i recognized often when the system is hanging - a BSOD occurs when i connect a HDMI Screen in that moment. When i installed XP testwise - everything went fine. Any suggestions maybe debugging something? update: some hints found today... used the Prog reforce, maybe it's from blackwingcat's page - tool to set default screen. in my old Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 there are 3 Screen Options under "Screens" (German: Monitore) in the Device Manager of the P300, nothing there - is the driver getting some Information from that entry's in Device Manager? DALNonStandardModesBCD1 Setting in the [ati2mtag_M76_SoftwareDeviceSettings] Area - does this has to do with the default Settings, because in the original XP Inf from Toshiba, you can find screen resolution, that aren't in the blackwingcat's driver inf. end of update. Hopefully Andreas
  4. ATI Radeon Driver for Windows 2000

    Hi, blackwingcat and all others, first off all a great Thanks to you for your marvelous work here. I read this thread an also your Blog with lots of good information. The folowing Problem i have, investigated already about a week in searching and testing many drivers. My Configuration: Laptop Toshiba Satellite P300-1BN with a ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3470 PCI Data: PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_95C4&SUBSYS_FF501179 Toshiba itself only supports Win XP and up. installed for the testing environment: Win2k SP4 Update Rollup 1 V2 (no BSOD with kernel function anymore) Windows2000-KB888111-x86-ENU.exe I also patched a lot of driver inf file to install the video Driver. But when installed, either i got immediatly a blank screen with blinking cursor, or when i have to reboot, after the boot screen when initializing the ati2mag.sys screnn stays at the boot screen an loding continues with no screen output. Always got the same result, driver is loading but no screen Output. The only driver (installed by inf) is the on of this packet: 12-6-legacy_xp32_dd_ccc_whql.exe from AMD It's still booting with GUI but no connection from CCC possible. i think that ati2mtag.sys i loaded but of a problem vga.sys is used Is there something in the registry to influence the driver for some output lines to use? i like win2k so much, and would have to change more things when moving to XP and up. I appreciate any help and would also pay for it. Greeting from Germany Andreas