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  1. I just found a problem - HDD was defective even though all HDD diagnostic tools were telling that it is okay. I just changed to another HDD and everything works, so thanks and sorry for disturbing.
  2. Then I see blank black screen. No errors. Yes, only one internal disk. Yes, beta 8 Installed from USB hard drive, also tried from USB memory stick - same result. Feeling is that after first part of installation, internal disk isn't bootable yet.
  3. I found a problem with Driverpacks - some Windows installation files were missing. So I managed to integrate Mass Storage Drivers into my installation and I did all these 5 steps you wrote and I still got same result after entering Second Part of installation: Location usbdrive.tag Address 0x82a0: Value 0x80 2 (HEX:0x2) 2 (HEX:0x2) 1 (HEX:0x1) Found 2 disks, set USB disk hd1 1 Booting MBR on hd0 ... | 1 PS. Yesterday I successfully installed Windows 7 using this tool http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msstore/html/pbPage.Help_Win7_usbdvd_dwnTool
  4. Tried both slipstream methods, but still the same result
  5. 2) How about SATA driver which is included in beta8? for me it works well - drives are detected. 5) already checked with SOME WAREZ Boot CD, HW works perfect. 3) already tried to use SATA->USB adapter instead of connecting installation drive directly to motherboards SATA port, didn't help. Okay, I will try to integrate drivers myself DriverPacks.net way.
  6. After I wrote that post, a lot has happened. I found XP installation with already included SP3 and SATA drivers. So I added it to SATA Hard drive (it is much faster than USB stick) using program version Beta 7. This hard drive is plugged in SATA1 slot, I am installing system on SATA0. Than first part of installation went smooth, but after restart I got blank screen when system tried to boot from SATA0. Then I did following - I chosed to boot from SATA1 and then selected Plop Boot manager, than I selected first hard drive, than I received "NTLDR is missing", than I tried to boot from SATA0 again and second part of installation started. It went smooth almost until the end. I selected all language stuff, computer name etc. Than after few minutes I saw blank screen again. Both hard drives are fujitsu 120GB, 1.5GB/s. Each time I begin installation, I delete old partition and create new one on drive C: I will try to repeat everything using Beta 8. Ehh, Beta 8 freezed after choosing second part of installation and it wrote: Location usbdrive.tag Address 0x82a0: Value 0x80 2 (HEX:0x2) 2 (HEX:0x2) 1 (HEX:0x1) Found 2 disks, set USB disk hd1 1 Booting MBR on hd0 ... | 1 There is something wired going on - sometimes when in the beginning I am pressing F10, system is able to boot from SATA0 and continue installation until mouse arrow shows up. Then system restarts.
  7. Hi! I bought new Intel motherboard http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/motherboards/desktop-motherboards/desktop-board-dn2800mt.html I am trying to install XP from USB. First problem is that drivers for AHCI doesn't work (I included them in XP installation with nLite). Okay, I switched to IDE mode, then first part of installation goes fine, but when I have to choose second part, I receive following and system freezes: Booting Second part of 2000/XP/2003 setup / Boot first internal hard disk 2 (HEX :0x2) 2 (HEX :0x2) 2 (HEX :0x2) 2 (HEX :0x2) 2 (HEX :0x2) 2 (HEX :0x2) 2 (HEX :0x2) EDIT: Booting directly from HDD fixed second problem. Now I just neet to find right drivers or right method for including them. Any Ideas? EDIT2: After second part was finished, Windows wasn't able to start anymore Thanks!