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  1. http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/sharedaccess/default.mspx Has anyone experimented with this yet? It'd be neat to do unattended installations for home and public avaliable users. Also, just another question, if we leave the unattended disc (lite nlite) blank of a cd key, and we enter in a perfectly legal one during the install; will that fail WGA validation checks for things like windows update, etc? I would figure not.
  2. Wow, thank you both for the insights. I'm going to have a test team try some of those ideas. Does anyone else have anything to input?
  3. My friend and I like using nlite to create custom unattended discs and leave the key blank so we can go into homes and use legal keys with the custom setup. However, we will be having technicians soon and we don't want them just to be taking it and using for their own gain or other businesses. Is there a way to add into setup to make it where they will need to do a call in with a certain set a numbers to get a return code to input and continue installation? Sort of like what Adobe does to its products now i.e. photoshop cs2 I'm aware anything's crackable but it will act as a good deterrant.
  4. I've started having this problem too, it was when nlite became in the 1.x beta series. In the pre 1.x series, I didn't have this issue at all. I've found that not adding patches or hotfixes to the installation helps a great deal with less sfc messages.
  5. I made an unattended XP+SP2 and like one hotfix, with drivers, etc. But this time the nLite RC1 had an option at the end to tack on extra folders in the iso before creation, and so I did. However, no matter what machine I install using this new unattended in, windows XP on startup starts crying about SFC and I have to insert the CD and press OK for it stop balling, this also happens anytime I do anymore windows updates on the machines. Was this caused by packing more files into the iso other than the normal stuff?
  6. I found a script that can do it, but it was for SP1, I've got a CD already used nlite on it that has SP2 intergrated fully auto install, does this script still work? http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...b;en-us;Q328874
  7. i did use a virtual machine, but for some off reason ms virtual pc 04 (which was all i had) wouldn't letme use such a huge iso file.... blah... guess i should've used vmware... also configurations on virtual machines sometimes don't match too well in real pc's for me.
  8. i've already used nlite previous versions and got my unattended discs... but now i've tried so hard to do a windows xp unattended installation with all the hotfixes and intergrated drivers from a virgin WinXP corp w/o activation with the new nlite beta .99 or something, and i've been trying to put some applications in an apps folder and my iso office in an office folder so i can have it all on one dvd, not even unattended office during a windows install (i've tried that) it seems like everytime i try harder there's something nutty about the windows setup, either files not being able to copied over during setup or when copied files are done setup cannot continue. i was wondering if anyone has tried this before, or can give me some tips from their experience. i've wasted too many dvd-r
  9. I'm afraid I wouldn't know how to do this.. I intend on keeping my Windows installation seperate from my Office installation sessions. My goal is to have office 2k3 pro cd 1 and cd 2 all on a single unattended disc. However, my skills with the resource kit for the first time are minimal.. and it's a little difficult to understand how to effectively add frontpage.
  10. i did have one question though, the guide mentions the office 2003 pro edition plus frontpage.... i don't have that, but is there some way to intergrate frontpage into the unattended install as well?
  11. good god.. i feel so stupid! guess when you try too hard, you don't see the obvious.. or in my case find, the obvious. thanks guys
  12. Has no one found a way to make a fully unattended office 2003 ? i've been looking all around msfn, google, and irc to find a solution.. so far zilch.. anything remotely close to what i want so far is an AIO office DVD.
  13. Hello, I finally got my hands (via limewire) of the muisetup.exe, I need to give a client a Spanish version of windows, but I need some language packs; unfortunately I do not have. If anyone could be kind of enough to direct me how to get them or could personally send, I will reward. I've looked everywhere, and had no luck. If you have more than one language pack, I am also interested. Unless I can find a Windows XP Spanish iso, I might be mighty screwed.
  14. hands down executive software's diskeeper series.
  15. I've already read the slip stream guides by MSFN for office XP/2003. But I'm wondering, how can you compact 5 cd's into 1? It's been done with office 2000, can it be done for this one?
  16. Anyone know how to trick installers like the new AVG 7.x final free editions to install under a server OS like Win2k3 Server? I tried going into registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\ProductOptions and changing it.. of course windows started bitchin' about license violation... i know of NTswitch but that's perm thing... 2k3 goes back to XP if in workstation mode.. I just need a temp trick to make installers that are 'workstation' only to install... for anyone who knows what I'm talkin' about... after 2k3 server modified.. no one goes back to s***ty XP or 2k

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