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  1. I've seen it both ways. Sometimes SPs build on each other & sometimes they're standalone. That's why I ask. On another subject, I had setup a Windows 2000 Pro guest in a Windows 7 Pro VirtualBox 4.3.8 host & then with some difficulty got it to accept Windows updates from Microsoft using the article by ppgrainbow Guide to Installing and Updating Windows 2000 Professional. I then noticed that I couldn't go into Seamless Mode. Again with some difficulty I finally got this problem solved by installing w2ksp51.exe by tomasz86 & then installing Windows2000-UURollup-v10d-x86-ENU.exe. Now all appears to be good! Can anyone see anything wrong with what I've done? It is interesting that all the Windows updates showed up in Add/Remove Programs until I installed USP5.1. Can anyone think of reasons this might have occurred? Thanks for the help I obtained from this forum!!
  2. I would like to join themaritimeman in thanking you, submix8c in providing the switches to use with the windows update agent command. I had went through this guide 4 or 5 times in a VirtualBox guest trying to keep from doing the workaround for the later version of Windows Update Agent not working with 2000 & then when that didn't work, trying to use the workaround. I had a CD from Microsoft that came out in 2004 called Security 9 that had SP4 on it as well as IE6SP1 & some other stuff so at 1 point I thought that the stuff on the CD was messed up. In the end though I just executed "wua.exe /quiet /norestart /wuforce" in a command prompt box & everything just took off from there!!! The Background Intelligent Transfer Service/WinHTTP & Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1 updates came up almost immediately wanting to be installed & with the install of those & after the required restart it is currently, as I write, downloading the huge update batch that the OS now needs (8% right now). Thanks again!!!
  3. Hello to all. I need to ask a stupid question. It SP4 needed if you install USP5?
  4. I would like to report SUCCESS in getting my USB keyboard/mouse to work with SP 3.5. For the record, I don't have any other USB devices on this system-just the USB keyboard/mouse & that's it. I have tried NUMEROUS other things in the past but what got me on the right track was Problemchyld's link called Solution 1 that was an article by USBman called Safe Mode Cleanup of the Device Manager. That information combined with my past experience got it working. I followed USBman's directions & then after the restart back to normal mode, before I plugged in the USB keyboard I moved the SP3.cab file out of the C:|Windows\System\Precopy folder & dropped it on the desktop. Of course through all of this I had a PS/2 keyboard & mouse plugged in until I got the keyboard working & subsequently the mouse also. With the plugging in of the USB keyboard & the start of the Add New Hardware Wizard I had to tell it manually where to get the driver files. The only place I could find the 1st file it needed was in the SP3.cab file. This file was USBccgp.sys. I copied this file out of the SP3.cab & dropped it into a folder I had created named C:\Windows\Options. I had my original CAB files from the 98SE install CD in a folder just under Options named Cabs so for all the rest of the files that were needed for the wizard I pointed it to this location. I believe the only other files needed were HIDclass.sys, HIDparse.sys & HIDusb.sys. Even though it complained that I was replacing newer files I told it to use the ones in the Cabs folder from the original 98SE install CD. Just to make sure it would still work after a restart I restarted the computer, unplugging the PS/2 keyboard before it went through the POST. THE USB KEYBOARD NOW WORKS!!! I followed the same procedure for the mouse & got it to work also. I know this is just a workaround so I am anticipating when you have it all figured out Problemchyld. I hope this helps you in some small way to get these kinks out. Thank you so much for your untiring efforts in this area. I work for a Christian radio station that has limited finances but uses audio cards that only work in ISA slots (Dont't laugh, they work great even though they are ancient) & on top of that their software only runs on 98 so the resources you provide are invaluable. When I had to reload a computer recently I found Windows updates no longer available so after a little research I was very thankful to find your service especially since it was so easy to implement. BTW, I would assume you have pulled the download of SP3.7 down until you get this USB problem figured out. Is that right?
  5. I would like to help out in this endeavor. I am aware of the problem. I installed U98SE SP3.5 & then couldn't get the USB keyboard/mouse I hooked up to work. I reloaded back to 98SE only & confirmed that the USB keyboard/mouse then worked without issue. I then loaded U98SE SP3.5 again & had the same problem-broken USB keyboard/mouse. I have tried numerous things trying to fix the problem that I won't go into now but what is relevant is that I tried U98SE SP3 beta4 & the USB keyboard/mouse still works after the install of this. I don't have any other USB devices being used on this computer so what I would offer to do is reload 98SE only & then try the different SPs so we know which one of the SPs actually breaks the USB keyboard/mouse. I'm hoping then by looking at what was changed between the SPs we could figure out what is breaking the USB keyboard/mouse. Is it possible for you to make the prior SPs available so I could do this testing? Thanks!! Vance
  6. Is there a location for downloading prior versions of the Unofficial Windows 98 Second Edition Service Pack 3.7? Thanks!
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