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  1. New MBO

    Oooh, just some quick conversions for y'all! £35 = $55.50 - £30 = $47.60 - £25 = $40!! Cheap ain't in it!
  2. New MBO

    Hiya, sorry not I've not been on for a while - I've been working and went away with the love of me life for a few days, like you do... which was nice! Aye so great news! While I was away, I took my laptop and did some research. I discovered that the CPU I've picked up is actually a 'Q6600 Kentsfield - SLACR (G0) CPU'! Now there's two versions of the 2.40Ghz Kentsfield - the B3 version and the later G0 version. The difference is that the G0 version has all the 'bugs' ironed out and runs at a lower voltage of 95TDP as opposed to the B3's 105TDP - these are the only differences. All this equates to the facts that the CPU I've got, runs cooler (It'll overclock from 2.40Ghz to 3Ghz on stock cooling with stock voltages and run 100% stable 24/7) - has all the bug fixes built in as opposed to if I had the B3 then I would have to download some software workarounds and the best bit, it only cost me £30!!!!! I've also found out that the ASRock ConRoe865PE is 'Kentsfield Certified' (I've spoke to 3 people that all own the 865PE/Q6600G0 combination and they all say the same thing, amazingly quick setup that's rock solid and is reliable as a day is long!) - so the RAM limitation of only 2Gb on the ASRock 775i65's is irrelevant because the ConRoe865PE take 4Gb+ and is AGP native - AND I just got one for £35!!!!! Picked up 2 Kingston DDR400 1Gb sticks for £20!! IM SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!! I hope you're all doing ok, I'm loving it right now! Check out these links! http://www.anandtech.com/show/2303 http://www.asrock.co...del=ConRoe865PE
  3. New MBO

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Core_2 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Core_2_cpus
  4. New MBO

    Ahhhhhhhh!!! Well now, y'see actually it DOES! This is a common problem that comes up quite regularly, thanks to iNTEL and there CPU ID system - which is stupid IMHO! The thing is 'CORE 2 CPUS' come in both Dual and Quad core flavours but they're labeled as 'CORE 2' - which confuses the hell out of people! Still as you stated - and you're absolutely right btw - the board will take Extreme Edition CPU's which are the same as standard quad core CPU's except on the 'E.E' CPU's the multiplier is unlocked for overclocking (why?). Bottom line is, as long as the CPU is an 'LGA775' type with 1066 HTT - the board will take it, in my reckoning! Check out these links - it's what cleared it all for me.
  5. New MBO

    Hiya, I'm new on here an just joined too. I can't wait for this board to go on-sale! It's an absolute 'godsend' for me, I own an ATI Radeon 3850 AGP Gfx card (one of the most powerful AGP cards ever released) and I've just got my hands on a Intel Q6600 - G0 CPU! This board is exactly what I would require as I'm currently using a S939 Athlon 64 X2 3800+ on a ASUS A8V Deluxe M.B. with 2x Corsair 1Gb Ram running in Dual Channel mode. The reason is for switching from AMD to Intel is because I use music software and games too, I've just gone out and bought some new software and ran on the AMD system - it started wheezing like mad! So, after a week of research, and me being skint at the mo, I've decided to go for the Asrock 775i65 - but it has to be the Rev 3 board as its the only one that'll take my Gfx Card, RAM and support the 1066Mhz Q6600 Cpu...