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  1. Really no one knows nothing about this ?
  2. I need the scanning and printing GDI drivers for the all-in-one MinoltaFax 2600 / 3600. 10x in advance !
  3. good luck with your exams gape ...
  4. Dear Gape, Can you add the new Icons to the FINAL version of SP2 ?
  5. Hey everyone, Dear Gape, I can see that in SP2 beta3 the new icons are removed. Since I like them very much, cand you put them as an option in the final release? And also the Start menu side bar with Windows 98 Second Edition tag on it it's not there anymore, can you insert that too? 10x in advance.
  6. Hey Gepe, So did you managed to work anything on the Service Pack this last weekend ?
  7. So Gape, can you give us an aproximated date for the release of the final sp2 ?
  8. Hey Gape, So now if you're back in time ... how are you doing about the progress of the Service Pack ?
  9. Hey, Can anyone of you, who are reading this post, contact Gape on any way ... mail, e-mail, phone, instant messenger ... etc ... and let us know how are the things going for Gape ???
  10. Dear Gape, Let us know what's happening ...
  11. Please let us know how are you doing ... I just have the feeing that this post is going dead ... that's all ! Merry Christmas to all of you !!!
  12. Cut the crap boys, A service pack is for security updates, system updates and system improvments and not for making something that you are too lazy to do it by yourself. So pls no more stupid ideeas. Something usefull to be added in this service pack would be the NTFS support.
  13. Hey Gape, You're working now for several weeks on to this release ... so we all appreciate your effort in what are you doing. 10x in the name of all users of this Service Pack !!!
  14. Hi Gape, Are you still working on the FINAL release? When is it going to be out?
  15. So Gape, are you going to release any working version this week?
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