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  1. modding boot,log-on and background

    Many thanks for the reply. I've tried to access individual files using PowerISo, then taking specific files to e.g. restorator to "mod" them in the past and i've been successful to a point. I've also used RT7Lite but find it a bit too hard when it gets to tracking specific files. Is there a dissassembler which will dissassemble a Win7 OEM install disk into it's component parts and allow each file to be examined until a required file is located, examined (As in viewed) and then modded. I have floated around the forum, and although i find many brilliant threads which relate to my query. None are specific to the "graphical files" i'm looking to Mod i.e. completely remove all traces of the Win defaults and replace them with my custom ones. .GIf's as in the WINDOWS "floating" boot screen i haven't gotten around to creating mods for yet.
  2. could you give the file path to system32 folder on a Win7 install disk. thanks,
  3. Hi all, I'm trying to mod the boot screen,log-on screen and change the default backgrounds in a win7 install disk to make it personal. Can anyone give me some help/direction as to the file addresses of the above mentioned files i.e. where they're contained on a Win7 installation disk. Thanks in advance,