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  1. Thanks for reply how do I burn that in my ISO ?
  2. Thanks guys sorry for inconviniance hope I get some reply to my problem
  3. Hi guys i maniged to create ISO my question is how can I add custom booting screen to this ISO ? is there atutorial I can look at or anything so I can learn please?
  4. Just wanted to give sugestion about small security issue you guys have, it's not great deal but still could do some damage. you have url links enabled in pm's they should be disabled so you cant hide a link inside the link WHat hacker can do is create whats called phishing page, what that does is lets hacker send you pm with his fake link inside telling you he might have issue with 1 of the posts please have a look at the link to see what Im talking about. now admin, mod, supermod any unlike person that does not know about phishing will end up clicking that link and having the passwords stolen from them. Its only small issue but... if he steals mods pass and sends pm using mod name admin or super mod will not suspect a thing. so best thing to do is disable html in pm's its not need it there any ways. But thats just my sugestion what you guys do is up to you. Good day
  5. Removing background from images

    why dont you post images you want editing and I will render them for you
  6. Hi Breez here

    Just wanted to say Hi I'm Breez 30 years old I own and run Websites not posting full links as I don't know if it's allowed here or not so it's only fair on admins. I do loads of web related security work as well as work with VB2008, Photoshop, Flash, and other scripting and coding stuff like php, html, sql, action scripts and so on. Most of the time I help people with theyr own website security issue and if any one knows about hacking I'm ( White/Grey Hat ) My weakness is operation systems I dont know to great deal about them like customising them and so on, Thats the reason Im here I'm trying to make my own windows XP with few apps I belive will contribute to my members if they choose to download. I don't mind helping around this forums with GFX or Websecurity issues any one might have. In return I expect some one to point me to corect threads or location. ( Treat people the way you want to be treated ) any ways Thats about it on me if any one wants to know more or need my help give me a shout I'm only PM away Have a great day
  7. You mised out malewarebytes which is much better then any of them above
  8. Hi Guys I'm honestly not sure what its called but I'm looking for a tutorial on how to create your own custom windowx XP I allreadfy know how to make ISO using nlite problem Im having I want to do the following 1. Custom Installation Screen ( screen where it tells you 39 mins before installation is complited Like so ) 2. Custom Booting Screen ( Black screen that tells you Loading Windows Like so) 3. Custom Login Screen ( Screen where you switch users like so) 4. Customn Install CD screen like so 5. I have some apps I would like to include on this disk like Vnul scaner fully activated, PS5 fully activated, Flash 10 fully activated 6. I have custom desktop theme based o n windows 7 also would likt to include that in final install If any one could point me to right direction I would be greatfull. I have spent time looking around youtube and non of them I found shows you how to do the above. Thanks Thanks