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  1. you must be kidding me I had another approach in my mind thought, metro only experience packed into small winpe image... might see if I can get it work
  2. Tihiy , great news. love beta5 and discovered how you could possibly fix one bug. Go to control panel. user accounts and safety, user accounts, manage another account you notice add new user doesn't work but try, family safety, click some administrator user, it says you cant add family safety to it , do you want to add new user, click yes and you can add new user
  3. What are you still waiting for? W8 RTM looks... bright enogh I think
  4. That's uhh, not my bug. Copy IE shortcut to desktop and you will notice same thing in context menu, in explorer8 too. I guess some value is missing from win8 registry... Microsoft.... By the way, is it only me or does the RTM lack Group Policy (using "Core" edition)?
  5. Yes! Yes! thank you I thought about that registry thing myself and found few of the following keys you've used to make reg file, but seriously, your work is like heaven. Almost full functionality is brought back Found this small bug, nothing special but more like a formal one:
  6. I had the same idea and the same result Without blur? HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM colorizationglassattribute : set to 2, but its kinda buggy...
  7. So CP had working these things? Cannot wait for full functionality, would be awesome with WES8 (once its released). So that everything I wanted Windows 7 to be is there. Well, almost.
  8. I wonder if the files from Windows Thin PC (trial link here) work too. The ISO is much smaller (just 1,5 GB) than regular Windows 7 so people with slower Internet connections may prefer to download it in order to get the required files instead of downloading the normal ISO. Of course I'm talking about those who don't own a copy of Win7. My guess is that the files will work but haven't tested it. It should have normal win7 sp1 explorer.exe , im sure it'll work.
  9. Well if he don't want to he don't have to, im just saying if he don't mind, I'd love to take a look at it, I have some ideas which might work for recent thingy in start menu, nothing certain or sure. I respect his work, and would not release my own kind of thing without asking him, crediting him and so on. I just want to know how the heck did he wrote the wrapper and got rid of these errors. I know some programming in .NET and would really like to know how this thing is done and learn from it. Tihiy, I dont force you to do anything, don't think that.
  10. Would be also interested in this.
  11. I dont think you could do it with vlite. Yes you could cut down on size buy you definately cannot keep all the edition and get size of 700-800mb, the .wim just cannot be compressed that high. Also it would make a install awfully slow.
  12. Weird thing the fact that ribbon is not explorer dependent. I know the main part of it is in explorerframe.dll , talking the guy who figured out that if we delete this we get rid of ribbon. Now to the point, wondering if we would import the file to Windows 7 explorerframe and add back/forward button images to .msstyle would we get ribbon in windows 7 explorer as well.
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