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  1. All right, I will change BIOS to USB 2,0 mode.

    Before I was able to complete the sentence above, I was bothered by the word emoj within my own text, but I got rid of it at last.

    I have got one of my machines running now, but everything is not perfect. I got MusicMatch running, but playback is erratic. The count of seconds shown during playback stops at intervals. I am a little sceptical of the prospect of reinstalling MMJB - Maybe it will get worse

    BTW the graphics card is Nvidia Geforce 710 - the least expensive I could find.

    That will be all for today.

  2. I have found a problem with another machine. It works up to a point, it boots ok an displays the XP screen. But all USB contacts are missing the 5. volts. I can verify that by plugging a wired mouse with an USB plug into a different computer. It will light a red light on the underside of the mouse. But on the the problem machine there is no light and presumably no 5 volts. I'll have to go to bed very soon before i fall asleep in the sofa.

  3. I have a new motherboard that I've never used, but I don't think I'll bother to try. What I would like to do is to get a 'new' machine of some sort that wil run XP and forget the miserable monday behind me. Do any of you know whether XP compatible machines are available on the market? I won't even mind if it runs an Intel processor;) as long as it runs XP. It would be a big relief if I could run XP on a factory made machine or something of similar quality. I dont care about cost. I am not rich but I can handle reasonable costs.


  4. This morning started out so nice, An XP machine that I hadn't been  using for a while was working nicely. I could run the MusicMatch program and I was looking forward to a day of the music that I had been missing for so long. I dont know what I may have done wrong,, but I lost the 5 volts on all the USB contacts. I don't know how to get it back either.

    The power button had been a little troublesome but after I was finished with it, it didn't work at all. I solved that with a couple of wires, and I am going to see if I can find a doorbell button or something to replace it. In the meantime I have to do with bringing two wires into contact with eachother.  I blame it all on my age, I'll be 89 in a few month's time. I experience a sluggish brain. None of the pills I take seem to know what they are supposed to do. I won't open a computer cabinet again if I don't have to.

  5. Is it possible that I have a hardware problem? I expect the XP machine to open the BIOS utility when I press the DEL-key before it boots, but it doesn't respond now.

    The motherboard is quite new and unused and I expect that should eliminate the risk of having hardware problems right frrom the start?

  6. I can use the DEL or F2 keys as much as i like but nothing happens.  I have been working hard to make the machine work properly but nothing that I do makes any difference. That means I am not able to enter the BIOS utility program. The video card doesn't send anything to the display. Maybe the problem is in the BOIOS utility itself?

    I am beaten and can't find any way out of the problem. The machine will not boot from any CD

    The machine had been working for a very long time before I tried to move the hard drive from the outside to the inside of the cabinet, and nothing I've done since then has been of any use.

    I don't have much hope but I will see if I can find an XP or WIN7 machine for sale.

  7. On 12/12/2018 at 9:14 PM, HarryTri said:

    Are you sure that you connected the drive correctly to the motherboard (have a look at the motherboard's user guide about where the pins of the disk must be for primary/secondary master/slave configuration).

    Is this the processor of the laptop? If yes then it's strange. Doesn't it have an Intel or AMD identifier?

    No, that is the processor of my stationary Windows 10 machine, not a portable. All the data mentioned are from that machine.

    I am unable to get into the BIOS utility on the machine I'm having trouble with.

    And the troublemaker has been working without a hitch over more years that I can remember. And suddenly, with the only intervention I did was to move the disk from outside to inside the cabinet, the problems started.


  8. I have been working hard for a few days to fix a small problem that has become permanent here. It all started when I decided to move a hard drive from outside the cabinet to thre inside of my Windows Xp machine. I dont know what went wrong, but it has refused to  run again since that. The machine is equipped with an ASUS M5A97 motherboard and a Nvidia Geforce 710 video card. It won't boot from the hard drive where it used to work, and it won't boot from a Windows XP original CD. won't boot from the ASUS support disk for the motherboard, or any other CD either. I consider getting hold of a secondhand machine running Windows 7 or any other Windows version between Windows  2000 thru Windows 8 and 10. If I find one, I will try to make it run XP, but on a  a different drive so I don 't spoil the drive I used before that ought still to be in good working order.


    I have a Lenovo Windows 10 machine that I bought new.

    Type 90GA003LMW R304CF20

    P.family idea centre 310S-08lAP

    SSD 128G

    RAM 4G

    OS Windows10 Home

    Would it be possible to make it run WinXP?



  9. I don't know if this is on-topic, but I hope it's not too far off.

    I am using a Lenovo machine type 90GA

    MTM 90GA003LMW R304CF20

    that came with Windows 10 installed.

    I don't se any reason why I should use Win 10 at all instead of XP

    I just want to know if it can be recommended that I install XP on it?

    I don't even know if it would run XP if I tried, and  what would I do if that went wrong?

    I presume that If I should experience a crash or breakdown of some sort,

    I wouldn't have any means of recovery?

    I am glad I also have a working XP machine!

    I have not installed the unofficial SP4.

    Do you recommend that I install it?

  10. Relatively new user of Windows 10, I am having a recurrent problem whenever I attempt to make a comment.  A new box is created and I write whatever I've got to say, but when I attempt to pay for the privilege, I only get a message telling me that I cancelled my request. If this is unfamiliar and unclear to you, just let me know and I will go back and go through the process once more and be careful to note what I do and write down the response that I get.  This has happened to me on several occacions so it looks like it is a permanent problem. Either I do something wrong, or there is a problem beyond my horizon.

    BTW, I am using a relatively new Lenovo desktop computer, and wonder if it would be possible to make it run WindowsXP? I don't need or want Win 10, it just came with the Lenovo machine.. Would a Rufus  USB stick be sufficient to install Win XP on the Lenovo? Is the Lenovo capable of running XP at all?

  11. Where do I type diskmgmt.msc?

    Where do I find the control panel to search it wih cortana? What actually is cortana? I am all question marks.

    Am I handicapped because of my age being 88 years?

    Would it be possible to install WinXp on the Lenovo Windows 10 desktop machine?

    Or even if it was doable, it would be very silly to do it?

  12. I am experiencing problems like nothing I've never exeperienced before.

    An XP machine that worked fine yesterday have contracted Rabies .

    I have always used google search on my machines, but this morning, Yahoo has taken over. How can I get back to using google serach?

    Even worse is that I can't do anything useful in Win Xp.

    When I try to connect to msfn, I get a message saying that  "to protect against information theft Firefox did not connect with that website"

    What would I do without Win 10?

    Maybe use Win 7?

    I wish I knew how to make Win 7 loook more like XP.

  13. On 6/29/2018 at 7:00 PM, sdfox7 said:

    I just ordered a M5A97 R2.0 motherboard, but until I have it - and hopefully the manual also in my hands, I don't know what version of RAM to get for it. Can anyone find that for me?

  14. I am somewhat confused wrt. the different Sp versions. I've always thought that Sp3 was the last and final Sp version made by Microsoft.  Sp4 was a project created by MSFN people,or a sister organization?  I used to install Sp4 after a new installaton of XpSp3. From the control panel, I could see Sp4 listed as an installed program, and it might be removed if you wanted to.. But now I think I have seen mention of  Windows XPSp4 as if it should be a Microsoft product?



  15. Windows XPSp3 problem:

    This error message sometimes appear out of the blue:

    Windows - Delayed writing failed
    Windows cannot store all the data for file M:\$Mft
    Try storing the file in a different place.

    I don't know what I've been doing when it appears.

    From now on I am going to watch closely to try and discover exactly when it happens.


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