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  1. The motherboards are (two!) ASUS M5A99FX PRO that I have tested.

    I have not done much to investgate the fan problem, but the MB's have several three-pin contacts where a fan may be connected. As long as the CPU temp doesn't rise to high, it is irrelevant. But fans connected to the motherboard should run as soon as power is applied, and temperature should not be any problem. I have not yet tested to see if the pins that I connected to have the proper voltage for the fan. Will do further testing soon.

  2. Being close to 90 years of age, I take the liberty of maybe violating some forum rules, begging forgiveness. I want to write about an expereience I had quite some time ago. I bought two secondhand ASUS moitherboards on PayPal, and it took some time before I opened the packages.What I found was that essential hardware had been removed from the boards, namely.the two black, molded plastic bars designed to support the cpu cooling fan. They just.were missing! I solved the problem by removing the parts I needed from a much older motherboard taken out of service earlier. All I knew was that I had bought the two motherboards from PayPal, and I believe the seller was someone named Bilbao. One of the boards sit in the machine I am using now. The other board in another cabinet, where all I know is that the CPU fan won't run.

  3. How can I get rid of theWinZip privacy page that occupy my screen?

    I don't know how I've been able to use my machine at all.

    My guess is thatI sometimes have been able to make it disappear behind another screen.

    But it is very annoying and I will install an XP or Win and also a remote controlled switch so I can have both Win 10 and XP/7 available all the time.

    I hope the outcome will be that I can stop using the Win 10 at all.

    BTW, how do I find and access the SSD drive there? I once could, but lately that's been impossible.

  4. My new Lenovo is a cute little machine, but it is spoiled by being infested by a Windows 10 installation..

    So my idea is to replace the Win10 with WinXP.

    I tend to think that the Lenovo hardware should run XP without any problems.

    But I don't know. So, before I venture into terra incognito,

    are there things I should know

    that might msake me change my mind?

    I have enough hardware to build another XP machine but I wouuld enjoy being able to use the Lenovo instead.

  5. XP machine, message: "Your connection is not secure... This site uses HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) to specify that Firefox may only connect to it securely. As a result it is not possible to add an exception for this certificate."

    What, if anything, can I do?

  6. I don't like Windows 10. I think changes have been done to it each time i return to Win 10. Here is my problem today: I insert a USB stick but am not able to locate and open it although I have done it at least one time every day for a long time now. Where is it?

  7. Seems I can't get a grip on Win 10. I only want to access an external DVD drive to copy files to the hard disk. I have been fooling with this setup for a couple of days and sometimes think I have achieved something, but right now I am not capable of locating and using any of the drives.

    Surprise me by showing how straightforward and easy this operation can be, even for a stranger in Win 10 land.


  8. You would be horrified to learn how I have been struggling to build another XP machine. Tryng to install some  some of the good old utilities that I have been using for decades is a sad experience.One thing is for sure: I will not be using Windows 10. I've been considering Windows 7 but am reluctant about it.  Tomorrow I will take a peek at Ebay and see if I can find something I can use there. A Mac might perhaps be the ultimate solution;)

    Are you familiar with HP models, and could perhaps suggest a model that ought to be a decent substitute for a homemade unit?

    Fact is, I've spent a horrible amount of time and effort trying to piece together a 'new' XP machine and a HP looks promising as a substutute.


  9. Quote


    I have wasted too much time and effort in attempts at creating a computer capable of running Windows XP. 

    Does anyone here know if and where a complete machine alrady running XP, or guaranteed to run XP, may be obtained?

    I experience more problems than acceptable on attempts at getting the desired result with the ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 motherboard. I actually haven't  been able to make the motherboard run properly at all. I found it  impossible to use a wired mouse - making it impossible to get further into the process of creating a useful system. Anyone know how to obtain better and more useful results? I believe my age is contributing to my problems. Just putting all the wires to the motherboard in place - and the right place as well,  is much more difficult than before. I wish I just could buy a machine that would respond properly to installation of XP from a CD. The joy of partitoning or formatting of disks, without refusing to accept unformatted disks I have several used SSD's that are not accepted - I don't know why I don't have  any of the disk utility programs that I used to have.

  10. For a while, I thought my Lenovo Win 10 machine had gone crazy. But after a couple of resets it looks like it is back to about where it had been. I pray that I won't have any more scares like that thrown at me again.

    Is it a good idea to accept one of the offers for WinZip utilities? Will that spare me further problems like I have had?




  11. I have for a while been trying to use Windows 10 but I don't see any future  with me and Win10 together. I don't find it usable,  I find it a veritable pain somewhere. There is a utility program named Winzip something and I don't know what to do with it. Everything I want to do runs painfully slow. Looks like the whole machine is soaked in syrup. I don't think I ever will be comfortable with it. I will at leas try to see if it will run Win2k, Win Xp or Win7, I have all of  them available. I think I will take a look at Rufus and see if I could make a bootable version of XP or Win7. I tried opening the cabinet  but it was difficult and I wouldn't risk damaging something.

  12. I can't download to the XP machine, because of a certificate problem when starting IE.

    But I can download to my Win 10 machine.

    There I have another problem. I know I have accessed the hard disk before, but today I don't know how to do it

    The FF installer I found was for Win7. I don't know why I didnt find the one for XP.

    I am about to give up. I copy the download link but when I want to find the saved installer file I can't find it or open the hard drive where I suppose it must be..  My head is spinning. I am not comfortable being 90. I have accesed the hard drive on my Win 10 machine but that was another day. Today I am unable to do it. 


    I installed Firefox, entered the right values for time and date, and the problem disappeared. Voila. 

  13. After installing XP I want to install Firefox, so I try to start Internet Explorer, but I am unable to get past the error message having something with a certificate to do. Is there anything I can do to circumvent that problem?

    Err msg:   Your connection is not secure.

    The security certificate presented by this website has expired or is not yet valid.

    Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server.


    I installed Firefox, entered the right values for time and date, and the problem disappeared. Voila.

  14. I find it very difficult to come to grips wirh Windows 10.

    My problem now is how to access and use storage media connected to the machine. I connect an external DVD drive and want to be able to copy files from the harddisk of the Win 10 machine to the external DVD. I don't know how to do it.  What is the problem?

  15. Is it allright if I stay with this thread for my problem(s)?

    I have two ASU M5A99FX Pro R2.0 motherboards that I am having trouble with.

    One doesn't activate any of the USB ports, making it impossible to do anything on the machine.

    I am not certain about the other but I will check that tomorrow.

     If Icould run XP on that machine, Christmas would be saved for me. I am used to music all day long from the pc and I miss it very much.

    Living alone like I do, the music meant a lot to me.  I have MusicMonkey but I find it useless as a substitute for MMJB.

    BTW, I have both  ASUS M5A78L-M USB3 and an A88XM-PLUS mobo's that I am going to try tomorrow, if they will run XP, my problems will be over.

  16. We regret that we do not have components available that might have been compatible with Windows XP

    This operating system unfortunately demand that you have a  somewhat "older" generation  components, something we do not have.

    Our components from our catalogue are mainly compatible with Windows 10 but can run operating systems as far down as Windows 7 - that also no longer is recommended in wiev of the security that Windows 7 cannot deliver.

    Translated from Norwegian text below:

    Vi har dessverre ikke komponenter i sortimentet vårt som kunne ha vært kompatible med Windows XP.
    Dette operativsystemet krever dessverre at du har litt "eldre" generasjon komponenter, noe vi ikke har av.

    Våre komponenter ifra sortimentet vårt er hovedsakelig kompatible med Windows 10 men kan kjøres operativsystemer
    så langt ned som til Windows 7 - som heller ikke er anbefalt lenger med tanke på sikkerheten som Windows 7 
    ikke klarer å levere. 


    Well well, that was that.

    I don't have to use the M5A99FX PRO R2.0 mobo,

    I have two older ones, M5A78L-M USB3,  and  A88XM-PLUS that both have been running XP here.

    There is one problem though, both the boards are missing the two plastic bars that serve as the support for the CPU.

    I still have the metal plates with four holes.

    I bought a couple of secondhand M5A99FX boards from USA a while ago. I  wasn't aware of the missing items before I found it a little too late to complain.

    If you should happen to have one to spare, I would be happy to buy it from you The reason I want those items is that I remobed them to use on the two M5A99FX's.

    The only reason I have for using  XP is that it can run the MusicMatch jukebox program. It may be possible to make it run under Windows 10, but I have not found out how to do it. I know there is a file, PX.dll that is required, and I have downoladed one, but I do not know where to put it.

  17. Hi dencorso, thank you for your kind words.

    I decided to make another (last?) attempt on installing XP on one of my  old machines, but it stops with BSoD message 0X7B (0XF78D2524 0XC0000034000007 0CX00000000). I may have made an error copying the msg but that probably dosnt't matter much. The XP CD is well used, could that be the problem?

    I have a clean copy of the CD, maybe I should try it?

    I just hate those messages.I

    I presume you already are familiar with it, but anyway,  BSoD is short for Blue Screen of Death. How I hate to see it.

  18. Over the years, I have used a number of new versions , from MSDOS to Windows , from Win 98 thru Win2k, and WinXP, and now suddenly having to face the mysteries of Windows10. I have a problem with my brain, it is not a sharp and fast as it used to be. I see mention of Explorer, but I dont' see Explorer on my machine?  I am not comfortable navigating the system.  I don't hink I have found "This PC" or the Users\YOUR_USER_NAME folder yet. AFAICT, that was much easier to handle in WinXP.

    I just miss my old desktop!

    When I try to start MMJB,  I get the message Ordinal 2250 not found in Musicmatch.exe. IIRC, I have copied the file PX.dll to the MMJB folder.

    The only real problem I have is to get MMJB running, that's about all I use the machine for in addition to Firefox.

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