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  1. ilko_t - Thank you its working. After following your steps, i found i had missed one vital folder when unzipping first time "Files" !! I must be blind I did not see it. This was my first time working with this utility, sorry this was a waste of your time, it was my fault all along
  2. Hi ilko_t - C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\Temp is present and accessiable (logged in as Admin) - C: contains windows and has 13Gb free space - SP2 is winXP 64bit, SP3 is 32bit hence the amd64 I have run WinSetupFromUSB_1-0-beta8_testINS.exe from multiple paths same error, e.g c:\ , desktop, within the source dir, log file for this is attached thanks WinSetupFromUSB_TestINS.rar
  3. I am getting similar error now copying UBCD4Win However the AutoIT error Line is 28748, I copied the AMD64 folder to it, but did not fix this time.. The log does not show any issues, ends with: 2012/07/18 00:13:16- grub4dos installed 2012/07/18 00:13:16- Preparing PE source ...any ideas? edit: ucbd source list attached ubcdsource.rar
  4. Thank you for the help - After I found no blank folders, I compared the SP2 ISO with SP3 and saw there was AMD64 folder. I created AM64 folder in root and placed the file "TXTSETUP.SIF" inside, it then stopped the error message. Is this where the program looks to create the boot menu name? because this is x86 XP which has TXTSETUP.SIF inside \i386\ also will this mess up the XP install later on? When I removed the AMD64 folder and tested, error was back o_o
  5. Yes it is, its a fresh log file containing one attempt at copying XP to HDD nothing changed or edited The error is thrown, straight after pressing "accept" on the XP EULA
  6. Hi good utility but I keep getting an error when trying to add WinXP with SP3 slipstreamed I seem to be able to add XP3 with SP2, but tried different sources with SP3 it just doesnt like it.. I get the "AutoIT Error" Line 28587 (File "c:\users\admin\desktop\WinSetupFromUSB_1-0-beta8_x64.exe"): Error Subscript used with non-Array variable Im using Win7 x64 with the x64 version utility, copying to a 1TB HDD.. log file attached seems like when it tries to copy the files it throws the error Any advice appreciated, WinSetupFromUSB.rar
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