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  1. Yeah, putting minixp on the "warez" CD can make Micro$oft go bankrupt. It really makes you wonder how with so many illegal copies of windows out there Bill Gates again is the richest man on the planet.
  2. I don't care if someone consider it warez or not. The main point for me is that the creator have made something useful for the people and ask no money for this.
  3. It's not warez, but whatever... Even wikipedia shows the license as freeware - WAREZ
  4. I thought all programs in THE WAREZ I HAVE BEEN TOLD NOT TO MENTION are freeware.
  5. Is it possible to use WinSetupFromUSB to create multiboot USB for programs like GParted, Kaspersky Resque Disk, Windows 7 Repair Disk, SOME WAREZ and others?
  6. Can i add installation files for Ubuntu to usb drive that already contains installation files for windows xp and windows 7?
  7. I have used WinSetupFromUSB before, but i can say that this tool is for advanced user. I just wanted to know what other good programs are out there.
  8. I have Windows XP installation USB created with WinSetupFromUSB which is 8GB. Can i add the installation files for Windows 7 to the same USB and what is the safest way to do that? I guess the USB will become little messed up because the installation files for windows xp and windows 7 will be in the root directory.
  9. I have 8GB USB on which i have Windows XP. Can i add Windows 7 on it or it is better to use another USB only for Windows 7?
  10. What is the best program that i can use to create Windows 7 installation USB flash drive?
  11. Right after i crated the usb when i restarted the laptop it didn't won't to boot from usb. Then i turn off the laptop and when i start it again it booted from the usb and the installation begun so i guess the installation usb is ready to use. I haven't installed windows 7 so far. Do i have to be careful for something that can go wrong. My hard drive has 3 partitions and i am running now win xp. I will install win 7 on C partition and my main concern is to not lose the data that i have on other two partitions if something goes wrong.
  12. Well, i copied the source files to the usb using WinSetupFromUSB and i check only the second option that is for windows vista/7/8 and so one. My laptop is set to boot from usb but when i restart it doesn't start the win 7 installation, just loading the main OS which is XP.
  13. So, is it possible to create installation usb for win 7 with WinSetupFromUSB? If i try to copy the source files to the usb the process stops somewhere in the beginning.
  14. Do i need to integrate driver packs if i want to make an installation usb for Windows 7? After formating the usb drive i see this files: grldr menu.lst plpbt.bin default usbdrive.tag What is the purpose of these files? One more question: Is the process of creating installation usb for windows 7 with WinSetupFromUSB the same as for windows xp?
  15. It doesn't prompt to the right directory. It shows this path: C:\\windows\oem\ if i remember correctly. But when i click OK it doesn't install the driver because i guess the driver is not there. And i have to browse for the driver on the usb drive. I am using the second method when integrating the driver packs with DriverBase and i integrate all packs available. I hope this is the right method.
  16. Do you think it is a good idea to install windows with all drivers and programs i need and make a backup on the whole "C" partition and when i have to reinstall the windows just to restore the partition? Or it is better when i have to reinstall windows to delete and format the partition and make a clean install? Also, is it possible to integrate in the source windows files installation files of programs and during the installation to have option to choose which programs i want to be installed?
  17. These are the recent log files. I created new installation usb and this time i integrated only the mass storage driver pack but it still prompts for manual install of the intel matrix storage driver. I will leave it like this. It is not a big problem just it is inconvenient. 20120703-204339-log.cab 20120703-184705-log.cab
  18. It seems ok now. After restarting the windows now it shows NTFS but right after the format it was showing CDFS. Here is the log file anyway. WinSetupFromUSB.rar
  19. I am using auto format option of the last version 1.0 beta 8 and i am trying to format the usb drive in NTFS system but it format it in CDFS system. I don't know why. The operating system on my laptop is windows xp service pack 3.
  20. Well, i may missed the importance of this driver but i am just an average windows user. It would be good if there was a simple tutorial with screenshots, since installing windows from usb is quite different than installing from CD. I integrated driver packs first in the source on my PC and them copy the files on the USB. So, may be if this driver is not installed automatically this is because of the program DriverPacks BASE. I will try to integrate with nLite only the mass storage driver pack and see if the driver will be installed. Do i risk to damage the usb drive if i reformat it too often?
  21. I manage to install it from the second try. It seems i have done everything correctly with creating the installation USB. Just the first time when it started installing devices i received a message for missing iaStor.sys driver on Intel Matrix Storage Manager. I couldn't find it so i decided it will not be fatal if i not install it so i think this error was due to this driver. Second time i found the driver somewhere on the USB and install it and the windows loaded normally. But i don't understand why the setup process didn't install this driver automatically. I integrated all driver packs available with the program DriverPacks BASE. My other question is about the driver packs. I saw that during the installation process the driver packs were decompressed. Do you know in which directory these files are decompressed? I guess i don't need them any more and i want to delete them. I want to free space from my drive.
  22. I don’t think the reason is the windows xp copy I am using. I test it on virtual machine and it was working fine. I can’t see what error it shows. Before it crash it shows a blue screen but only for part of the second so I can’t see what is the error message. If I want to try another copy of windows do I have to reformat the usb drive again or I just can delete everything on it and copy the new installation files? I already installed my old copy of windows xp from CD because I couldn’t get it work with the installation from usb, but this trial and error thing is too time consuming.
  23. I have problem installing windows xp from usb. When it finish the installation just before to start the operation system it starts cycling. It loads from BIOS, then I see the screen that appears when pressing F8 for safe mode, I choose the option to start windows xp normally. It loads the logon screen and then crashes and return back from the beginning. It can’t start the operation system. Any idea why this is happening?
  24. When I start the windows xp installation it reaches the moment when I have to format the “C” partition but it doesn’t recognize the partitions on my laptop, only shows the installation usb as a partition. Why this happening? Also in the beginning when it boots from the usb I see this messages: First part of Windows xp Professional setup Second part of Windows xp Professional setup I don’t know if this is normal.

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