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  1. Hello, if you call the second batch file by simply using its name (WITHOUT the command CALL) then the control will not return to the first batch file when the second one terminated. If you use CALL then the control will return to the first batch file when the second terminates.
  2. Hello, when its a MSDN disc, then its a disc which needs a volume license key (or even a special MSDN key). But it must be activated at Microsoft.
  3. Hi, I may have the solution for your problem: Try activating NetBIOS. (Might work.) You can do this in Control Panel > Network connections > (network device) > internet protocol (TCP/IP) > Advanced > WINS. After installing my router I had the problem that I could only access the PCs by IP address untill I enabled NetBIOS. My router obviously disabled NetBIOS.

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