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  1. Me too same hard drive.. have you guys upgraded the firmware?+ Hi! I have a Lacie Black 1TB in which a Seagate ST31000333AS was mounted. Seagate ST31000333AS 1TB P/N : 9FZ136-100 Firmware:LC15 Site code:TK To make a long story short: I used the ST31000333AS in a NAS where it didn't behave like I thought it should. I found this thread, read about the firmware for 9FZ136-300 and 9FZ136-558 and decided to try to flash my 9FZ136-100. I don't have the exact command, but I used the info in jaclaz post. I think it was: sf -m BRINKS -f 6HSD1B.LOD -s -x -b -v -a 10 The firmware loaded ok and the drive works perfectly in a PC. I've used SeaTools and it passes SMART Check, Short Drive Self Test and Long Generic. I'm not a hard drive guru so I can't say if passing these tests would qualify the firmware flashing as successful, I'll leave that up to someone who knows what they're talking about. The only problem I have now is that I decided to put 2TB drives in the NAS instead. After I flashed the drive it doesn't work in the Lacie-casing. When I power it on, it just tries to spin up and clicks. Since it's the same story with a Hitachi deskstar drive, I suppose that you can only use hard drives with Lacie firmware on them. Is it possible for someone to download the firmware from a Lacie drive with firmware LC15 and give it to me so I can "re-flash" the drive? If not, I guess I'll just use it in my desktop computer. Regards, Christian