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  1. The driver is very small and it really shouldn't be a problem to include it in USP5.2 itself... but could you first tell me what exactly it is needed for? As I said before, I've got no clue about Xbox. What can you do with the driver installed? You can use it to control your pc threw the controller or play games via the controller both of which is why it was added to the windows 98se unofficial sp3.9 from what I heard they are actually still working on the SP last release was last November actually nov 2011
  2. Just genius as a side note this will be very good to include as a separate addon with the USP as the Windows98se Unofficial SP 3.9 was included and it was very helpful
  3. http://matt-land.com/xbcd/ ----These are the Unofficial drivers which do not work as needed http://download.microsoft.com/download/6/9/4/69446ACF-E625-4CCF-8F56-58B589934CD3/Xbox360_32Eng.exe These are the official drivers that work in windows xp sp2+ Also do you think the break in the Nvidia drivers Dual View might somehow be related to the problem with hardware acceleration in firefox?
  4. Do you know of anyway we can get xbox 360 controller drivers working
  5. I don't know but I think that Hardware Acceleration does work in Chromium, doesn't it? It doesn't work in Firefox. By the way, I haven't mentioned it before but the .NET Framework installer should also work in XP and 2003. yeah it works in chrome just not firefox im trying to talk to the firefox developers as we all should to re extend the support for windows 2000 since we have made it compatible with the latest standards...idk what to say other then that perhaps see if black can find a way to fix the problem... im not sure exactly what they have changed.. maybe researcha bit on how windows xp and windows 2000 handle hardware acceleration differently
  6. Have you figured out why hardware acceleration isnt working in browsers correctly?
  7. Congratulations Tom your doing a great job =) Ill do some testing on your latest release
  8. Nothing in particular but just wanted to give everyone on the topic a heads up to try Windows 8 for performance reasons I guess it could be considered advertising Microsofts latest OS as it seems to function well
  9. I have been using Windows 8 here recently and it seems to function very well I do not like the interface change so much but the OS its self actually runs quite a bit faster then both win7 and win2k I also have seen a gaming FPS improvement
  10. Hmm well I think if we give them a chance they will come around
  11. Perhaps then we should as Microsoft for permission to work on them.... I think if we explain the situation and we tell them our goals and describe to them and insure them that we will not edit the files in anway that would cause a problem with Microsoft as well make sure that Microsoft does not take blame for any security flaws that might happen because of our work on it and agree not to distribute any of the files to anyone that does not already own the system then im sure they would be willing to allow us to improve on there operating systems foundation
  12. I might suggest to start using SVN it would be much easier and fast plus you could have much outside help that way
  13. Well I had been trying a remote access tool with every build you have made so far called logmein and until this release it has worked I am unsure why yet but I will investigate further
  14. Any reason in particular you want to add VSS ...... perhaps your trying to add in system restore points...personally I wouldn't suggest using it
  15. To the comment about firefox I already made an install now that allows win2k as a base operating system during install so that will no longer be a problem I will go ahead and add an ability to auto update so that users will be able to update via my update packages and this installer is 100% ok I will post a link tomy website soon so that you can access it and possibly put in on the programs list with the other application downloads such as Notepad++ .... I agree with you on the fact that auto updates would be best to wait until usp 5.2 since it is not that far off from now As for the explorer just giving some suggestions and actually using a separate explorer would be as easy as adding an exe file to the desktop or the windows directory as well as a theme file during the install and creating short cut to the desktop or even having it be set as a start up program which would also be simple no intensive work would need to be done As for programming I know quite a bit of C++ and Java both of which would be useful in doing what is needed Also for anyone interested Utorrent has removed the block on win2k keeping users form installing it now it only gives a warning that it may not function as intended but you are now officially able to install it on win2k again Well gl again please send me an email at the address i gave you before and I will test the new Daily as soon as its released I will actually think about doing a benchmark for you but it would be much more helpful if the benchmark is done across a few different pc setups if anyone else is willing to go ahead and benchmark the differences with me Ah just as a note I can not prove it just yet but the Start up time seems to have actually lengthened by a few seconds I am glad I can help as I said before I admire the work your doing on this USP its really a great thing As for the start up shutdown button There is an even easier way to add the shutdown restart button without actually changing the look of the classic start menu I will actually make a tutorial on the method for you so that you can link a quickbar icon as a shutdown option which would be even quicker
  16. The answer is yes that is definitely possible just as possible as it is on winxp to replace the entire gui or even the entire explorer with a new explorer all of that is possible all the way back to windows 95 editing gui and the explorer are all possible let me do some research and get back to you on the actual details but from the knowledge I have already it would be much better to do so based on your own explorer I know windows blinds did something similar to this with win 98 but it seemed to be a resource hog but with the way win2k handles memory it might not have the same problem but with your own custom explorer so many things could be enhanced Yes I did some research and yes it can be done in a similar way as it is done in winxp still I suggest a new explorer which would open a vastly new amount of possibilitys for win2k ...as for the graphical abilities of win2k could very well be enhanced but then your getting into the problems of resource hogging which is one reason people love win2k some much it uses such a small amount of resources... ReactOS is based on the 5.X kernel which they took it all the way to creating a brand new OS from scratch so they would have access to the source code and be allowed to release it for free in almost every aspect its identical so your best bet might be able to get involved with the ReactOS Project most of there notes would give you a good way of improving win2k since it is free to use distribute edit or take from to add to your own projects get back to me if your interested in seeing some of there notes In the middle of testing on a hard drive install everything is great especially the new features its just wonderful as of now I am experiencing no problems what so ever and it is running very smoothly surprisingly enough it seems to run at least twice as efficiently as it did before application response time have even increased and love the TM I will post an update if any problems arise but i have already tested on VM and nothing there so I am not expecting any problems on the hardware install Re tested graphics and audio drivers as well as gaming with very positive results the fps was raised by 6-10 fps on Skyrim as well as sins of a solar empire, WoW, Oblivion as well as a few other games I have already tested under the new Daily Windows2000-UURollup-v11d120906-x86-ENU I am very surprised at the improvements in responsiveness...as well before svchost was taking up 60-90mb of ram and now is only consuming 9mb at most as a constant very impressive...also tested internet explore again nothing really new to report but stability has remained no crashes on flash movies and games normal resource consumption....regedit is working fine as well as most other tools for some reason dxdiag is crashing out I will take a look into it I am unsure if the install of win2k just had a problem or if it has something to do with an update but games work fine just am unable to run the dxdiag tool without it crashing....shut down and start up speed seems to have improved by a few seconds as well. It might actually help if you were to develop a system to automatically update installs as well to weekly,daily,stable via web file grabbing seems like that would be very useful I could give you a few pointers if your interested in adding that feature I can go ahead and help you by making a install package for firefox that includes the "uxtheme.dll" and automatically sets the hardware acceleration to off if your interested in adding a link to it on your programs list Tried using BWC's dx fix but it was unable to solve the problem strange I did not experience this with the VM I am going to do another fresh install with an alternative install disk and let you know if that fixes the problem.... Tested the Nvidia 3xx drivers and it is working great no problems what so ever so I hope that is good news for you Doing a reinstall seemed to work to fix the DirectX problem from earlier and now everything is working smoothly with the new daily without a problem in sight I am completely done with the testing of the new version of the daily uurollup and in my personal opinion it seems to appear you are very close to a new stable release... Windows 2000 firefox installer is now finished it will include the "uxtheme.dll" in the install dir allowing it to run on first install without any manual editing involved hopefully this should save quite a few people some time when testing firefox on there win2k machine with uurollup as this will require less work on there part to get it working Edit: Update Edit: Update Edit: More info Edit: Idea Edit: Update Edit: Update Edit: Update Edit: Testing Finished Edit: Update
  17. Yeah well of course im sure you want to have some boundaries on what you do with usp 5.2 try to do too many things at once and everything will fall apart but separate packages sounds nice.. if have anything else other then testing the dailys that you need help with at any time just send me a pm just want you to know that im here to help if ever needed I know how stressful doing these projects alone can be but with all the support your getting on this thread im sure you feel very appreciated ^_^ the reason I offer my help is because i admire what your doing to keep win2k alive it was and is a great and stable OS which is why the ones developing ReactOS based the UI off of win2k.... Thanks though your helping alot of people out I am working on a win2k project also right now involving web development support as win2k comes with an older less functional version of iis I am trying to work on developing something very simlar to iis but with the added abilitys of new http servers Just so you know its going to be based of Apache but I will be integrating a iis GUI If you could email me at godsring3000@yahoo.com every time a new daily is released I will be sure to test it
  18. Nice really nice bro your doing a great job Love the new setup you did a great job if you ever need help with anything just let me know and nice job with the .net installs I will test them out one by one and let you know how well it works btw I had an idea about making a brand new built in firewall for win2k as well as a open source antimalware I know a bit of C++ and Java and alot of php and html as well as data basing with mysql have quite a bit of free time for now until the baby comes in November but would love to help if I could Edit:done checking it out
  19. Yeah thanks for the reply well hopefully we will be able to find a way to run the new directX's or later on in the future you could think about helping the ReactOS project which essentially is win2k just completely remade without lot of Microsofts crappy coding As well thanks for answering about the .net installer and the BWC Kernel I was unsure since you said you could install the package over the kernel wither it had everything the kernel had or not Oh and thanks for adding in the Nvidia drivers for the 5.2 release that will be very helpful maybe you should think about doing an addon for the installer so it can automatically install drivers based on your systems hardware
  20. Testing asap! I will test on a hard drive and a Virtual Machine as well as replace the files in the old install to see if it will allow restored functionality... OK! I tested replacing the "srvsvc.dll" & I went ahead and replaced the "mshtmled.dll" everything seems to be working perfectly stable I will continue testing and let you know if there is any crashes.... OK! internet explore is now giving the correct about info which it was not in your previous release and Internet Explore seems to be much more stable no crashes as of yet flash videos are playing smoothly as well... Firefox is still having visual problems when used with hardware acceleration enabled if possible that would be a very good thing to fix! Installed BlackWingCats 266.58 Nvidia drivers working perfectly I tried installing the new BWC Kernel over the new daily install with no problems what so ever and vice verse Installed audio drivers and they are working perfectly Question:"Is it possible you can provide the all in one .net installer so that I may test that also" OK! was testing around and attempted to use wind3d does not work and thought I would suggest implementing your own type of directx that will allow directx versions not supported by Microsoft for older os's on win2k such as dx10 and 11... Finished testing without any problems what so ever which I am glad to report!! =) Edit: combined posts Edit: More info Edit: More info Edit: More info Edit: Typo Edit: More info Edit: More info Edit: More info Edit: Question Edit: More info Edit: Testing complete
  21. I tried the install with your latest daily Windows2000-UURollup-v11d120903-x86-ENU over an install of your stable release v10c ENU and it worked almost perfectly expect when booting up it gives a s***down error message giving you 1 minute to finish your work because "services.exe" unexpectedly crashed and it will restart a program called sc.exe ran afterwards and poped up as a command prompt window which i closed as it stay upon for half the time and then it booted to the desktop before it rebooted and you were able to interact with the desktop and star menus before the reboot this was on an actual hardrive pc install not a VM Edit:typo

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