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  1. The driver is very small and it really shouldn't be a problem to include it in USP5.2 itself... but could you first tell me what exactly it is needed for? As I said before, I've got no clue about Xbox. What can you do with the driver installed? You can use it to control your pc threw the controller or play games via the controller both of which is why it was added to the windows 98se unofficial sp3.9 from what I heard they are actually still working on the SP last release was last November actually nov 2011
  2. Just genius as a side note this will be very good to include as a separate addon with the USP as the Windows98se Unofficial SP 3.9 was included and it was very helpful
  3. http://matt-land.com/xbcd/ ----These are the Unofficial drivers which do not work as needed http://download.microsoft.com/download/6/9/4/69446ACF-E625-4CCF-8F56-58B589934CD3/Xbox360_32Eng.exe These are the official drivers that work in windows xp sp2+ Also do you think the break in the Nvidia drivers Dual View might somehow be related to the problem with hardware acceleration in firefox?
  4. Do you know of anyway we can get xbox 360 controller drivers working
  5. I don't know but I think that Hardware Acceleration does work in Chromium, doesn't it? It doesn't work in Firefox. By the way, I haven't mentioned it before but the .NET Framework installer should also work in XP and 2003. yeah it works in chrome just not firefox im trying to talk to the firefox developers as we all should to re extend the support for windows 2000 since we have made it compatible with the latest standards...idk what to say other then that perhaps see if black can find a way to fix the problem... im not sure exactly what they have changed.. maybe researcha bit on how windows xp and windows 2000 handle hardware acceleration differently
  6. Have you figured out why hardware acceleration isnt working in browsers correctly?
  7. Congratulations Tom your doing a great job =) Ill do some testing on your latest release
  8. Nothing in particular but just wanted to give everyone on the topic a heads up to try Windows 8 for performance reasons I guess it could be considered advertising Microsofts latest OS as it seems to function well
  9. I have been using Windows 8 here recently and it seems to function very well I do not like the interface change so much but the OS its self actually runs quite a bit faster then both win7 and win2k I also have seen a gaming FPS improvement
  10. Hmm well I think if we give them a chance they will come around
  11. Perhaps then we should as Microsoft for permission to work on them.... I think if we explain the situation and we tell them our goals and describe to them and insure them that we will not edit the files in anway that would cause a problem with Microsoft as well make sure that Microsoft does not take blame for any security flaws that might happen because of our work on it and agree not to distribute any of the files to anyone that does not already own the system then im sure they would be willing to allow us to improve on there operating systems foundation
  12. I might suggest to start using SVN it would be much easier and fast plus you could have much outside help that way

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