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  1. KernelEx for Win2000

    Thanks BlackWingCat, I found the file and downloaded it. Now, what will happen when I run the file? Will it begin making changes right away? What precautions can I take to be able to roll back if things don't work right? Is this the EZ-install file? I'd like to know more before I run the .exe file. Thanks
  2. KernelEx for Win2000

    Hi eveyone. I'm new. Great to discover this thread - I think Win2k Pro is a good & stable system. We have two p2p-networked PCs running it, and would like to stick with it for now. They are SP4 plus all the updates until MS stopped support. (We also have an ASUS notebook running the Win7 Starter package it came with - but that's another story.) We're not gamers, but we more & more encounter useful apps that specify XP & above - including a runtime MSOffice app we can presently only get up on the notebook. Encountering absent procedure calls is a real pain. Thank you blackwingcat for your enthusiastic efforts, and for your willingness to respond so rapidly to the many update requests you get. I'd like to download your Win2k Kernel extension, but would appreciate some help from somone. I went to the blog, but the Japanese content is confusing, and I couldn't sort out anywhere I could download the latest revision (currently 15r2?) So is there an English download page that gets populated with the most recent version? How do I get the EZ install files? I assume these are updated with the latest kernel version? But I may do it manually if I have instructions? BWC notes the advisability to use a VM - but how may I do that on my Win2k system? I would have in mind to backup all my important data, and then give it a go. If there is a total crash, then I have to start again and re-install Win2k, update it to SP4, plus all my apps etc (although how I re-instate all the KB updates I'm not sure, now that MS have ceased support). It would all be a daunting task - hence my need for some guidance. I am computer literate, slightly geeky (able to fiddle with the registry if necessary), but not an assembly-language boffin! Someone care to hit me with a recommended plan of action? Thanks.