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  1. Which video card for win98 ?

    Well, if someone says Win98 this means Win98FE because FE was the first. So yes, I use Win98FE. I do not know what the situation is with Win98SE, because Win98SE i use only in a virtual machine.
  2. Which video card for win98 ?

    I think you did not understand. I'm not talked about this: I've talked about this:
  3. Which video card for win98 ?

    It is "minor issue" for you, and for me, because we are accustomed to and we ignore that problem. (And it not affects only the latest drivers, the same happens with the older drivers for the card from the 6 Series, starting from this beta version 60.86) But I remember the time when this first happened it was not a "minor issue". This is what happens frequently (for series 5 from time to time, somtimes, somtimes not)when you play games.
  4. Which video card for win98 ?

    Man, let me explain a little, here's the following situation, for example: You have a computer with Win98 and everything is working properly and then put in the computer card from a series of 5 or 6 or 7 and then switch to MS-DOS mode and then type EXIT and then press ENTER and what happens then? Then the cursor just blinks and nothing happens->frozen, it can not be returned to windows, you have to press the RESET button, and you tell me that this is a generalization? and tell me that this is not the problem? I am accustomed to such things, but that's not good start for someone->kvr1333d3n9 who wants to try win98, because it will be faced with something they never expected and then will spend a lot of time to find a solution. that because I told him to purchase one card which certainly will not make these problems. END.
  5. Which video card for win98 ?

    I think almost everyone here know how series 7 works I do not talk that does not work, but i'm said that did not work stable, starting with the series 5 Of course, the problem is not in the cards, but in drivers.
  6. WdmStub

    http://four-f.webs.com/KmdTut/kmd03.html http://www.reactos.org/pipermail/ros-diffs/2006-November/014542.html http://svn.reactos.org/svn/reactos/trunk/reactos/hal/halx86/generic/beep.c?view=diff&r1=24741&r2=24742&pathrev=24742
  7. Which video card for win98 ?

    Man, I am not complained about something , I'm just saying how things are. If 6800 works for you without problems? Then lucky you. kvr1333d3n9 asked: I wanna buy 64 mb video card for windows 98. Which video card advice me to buy ? And my answers have been sent to him. @All other You can claim what you want, but the GeForce4 series of cards is the last that does not make problems in Win98, this is what I experienced in practice on several machines. in accordance with this, I gave him the information that I know are accurate. But of course you do not have to agree with that.
  8. Which video card for win98 ?

    Yeah..But... Only if you are ready to ignore problems Yes, I know what I am talking about. Here is a list of nvidia cards that i have: GeForce 2 GTS 32 MB GeForce 4 Ti 4400 128 MB GeForce 4 MX440 SE 64MB GeForce FX 5500 128 MB GeForce 6800 GT 256 MB DDR3 256 Bit GeForce 7600 GS 256 MB And there is no driver or combinations that I have not tried(official or beta) but only the worked without problems in Windows 98
  9. Which video card for win98 ?

    Yes! But,,, i use win98 many years and I 'll give you some more information. If you want to use only programs and you want quality (not for games) Then I recommend you Matrox G400 DualHead, or G450... But if you want to play some older games (from 2002, 03 and some from 2004 ) and watch DVDs (And if you do not want your graphics card is causing problems such as: system freezing when you shutdown the computer, system freezing when you "Restart in MS-DOS mode", "IO Protection fault" and many other random problems) Then i highly recommend you this card: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Leadtek-winfast-A250-64mb-AGP-Video-card-/380323980161?pt=AU_Components&hash=item588d136381 And This drivers: http://www.nvidia.com/object/win9x_40.72.html