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  1. Hi, blackwingcat, I can confirm that your driver version 12.4(AGP+HDMI) dated 2012-6-24 does work correctly for the ATI HD4350 PCIe, (VEN_1002&DEV_954F). Previous driver versions may also work correctly, but this was not tested. I found the cause of this problem. The black screen was due to connection of the HDMI port to a HD TV. If both the DVI and HDMI cables are connected, all ATI drivers (even the production versions) appear to default to the HDMI connection at some point after a fresh driver install. The solution is to install the driver, reboot to a black screen, disconnect the HDMI cable, allow the monitor to be detected, and then reconnect the HDMI cable. The monitor should be correctly detected thereafter. Note that the default audio device may be set to HDMI rear output and may need to be reset to the speakers connected to the motherboard sound card. Thanks to your drivers, I can now use my W2K install with video drivers that provide appropriate screen resolution. regards, AndyA
  2. Hi, blackwingcat, Thanks for your outstanding effort to keep W2K alive. I am trying to install drivers for an ATI HD4350 PCIe, (VEN_1002&DEV_954F) connected to an LCD via the DVI connector under W2K (fully patched). I've tried most of your drivers, without success. The drivers install without any obvious errors, but if I try to change screen resolution or color quality, the monitor goes black. On reboot, W2K reverts to the default VGA driver and complains that the driver that was just installed has been disabled because it's for a previous Windows version. Do you have any suggestions to get one of the driver packages to install correctly? regards, AndyA
  3. Hi, zimon, This happened to me, too, until I visited Windows Update and installed all the hotfixes available (Update Rollup v2, included) for Windows 2000. Now, the BWC drivers install without any BSOD's on reboot. regards, AndyA
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