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  1. Hi, how do I get the original attachment's files? I installed the latest AIK, PStart and FileDisk and neither has startnet.cmd file, nor Tools\Start or \Scripts. (edited, original post was stupid, missed second page of posts =) )
  2. Going nuts!

    Ok, one step closer... =) Even if the BIOS settings were set to boot from USB-FDD 1st, USB-ZIP 2nd and Hard Disk 3rd, there was an extra twist. There is also a BIOS Hard Disk priority boot list, and (I guess since the USB is formatted to be a HDD drive) the list had the internal drive first. I changed the order and it is now going through the GUI part of the installation. I'll post again if I get stuck with anything else... Thank you for the help!
  3. Going nuts!

    Hi, thank you for your reply. I already tried using WinSetupFromUSB version 1.0 beta 7, and the same happened. Actually I wondered, in this version there's no boot.ini file in the root of the key, while with previous versions I did have one! Is that how it should be? I also tried this Walkthrough: Create a Bootable Windows PE RAM Disk on UFD but it didn't work either. WinPE will not load! I created the files using copype.cmd to a folder, then copied all the files in the ISO folder to the key, started the IPC booting from every option available (holding esc on startup) and it always showed the hal.dll error screen. Basically, whatever I do, whatever the contents of the key, I get a hal.dll error. Even a formatted empty key will produce that message, while no key connected gives the "Windows could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem".
  4. Going nuts!

    Hello to everyone! I have an industrial PC (IPC from now on) I want to setup by USB but can't get past the hal.dll error! I'm not sure what is doing what by now, so I will start from 0. This is what I did so far: - Set the BIOS to boot from USB-FDD 1st, USB-ZIP 2nd and Hard Disk 3rd. - Set the BIOS to force the USB to be interpreted as a HDD (Integrated peripherals -> USB Device Setting -> USB key I'm using) - Using WinSetupFromUSB, I selected the Windows source and the target key, marked the key as Fixed disk type, formatted it using RMP to fat32, XP bootable and Boot as HDD - GO, waited a while for it to finish, removed the key from my main computer and plugged it into the IPC. - (To get to this I went through a LOT of trial and error tests... but to resume a bit) - Finally got to a menu allowing me to select the first text mode installation. I got a blue screen with the Windows setup listing an unformatted main hard drive (the IPC apparently comes completely blank), so I selected that drive and the installer formatted it, continued with the installation and finally automatically rebooted. - This is where I got stuck. If I boot using the pen drive, I get the hal.dll message. And if I boot from local HD, I get a Windows hardware configuration error bla bla. - I've tried combinations of disk/partition from 0/0 to 2/5 on the Boot.ini file with no luck. No matter what I do I only get this messages! How can I start all over again so I can check the disk/partition numbers and set them up correctly? I've also tried downloading WInPE, but it would also give me hal.dll error. (Followed this post first, then this post) What other things can I do to get this working? How can I get the right disk/partition numbers? What's booting when either of those messages appear? Thank you for any help!