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  1. "device not ready" [SOLVED]

    Ok, found a solution: just used a partitionning software (DiskDirector) to change the type of those pesky partitions to Unknown (0Dh) I have no idea why this is necessary, it just works ! (W2k3 didn't like partition IDs or something ?!) Hope this will be useful to somebody out there. Cheers.
  2. "device not ready" [SOLVED]

    Almost all my drives are encrypted, I have like 5 encrypted partitions (I'm using TrueCrypt). I don't want those to have assigned drive letters: it's useless (they are encrypted !) and dangerous (some soft could try to access them and ruin them - only TrueCrypt should access them when mounting them). Besides, it messes "My Computer".. When I boot on a disk having Windows XP, I can mount them (even though they don't have assigned drive letters). When I boot on the W2k3 disk, I can't ("The device is not ready"). Unless I assign them drive letters (so, they ARE ready, after all !!). Regardless, what I'm seeing under W2k3 is that a volume without an assigned drive letter somehow becomes "not ready". I can't reformat the second partition of the system disk (hosting the system on it's first partition) if I remove it's drive letter ! That doesn't happen under XP ! And it doesn't make sense (how can the disk the system is booting from not be "ready" ?!). I hope that's clear enough.
  3. "device not ready" [SOLVED]

    blackwingcat: I can do what I want after assigning a drive letter, no special tools needed. The question is: why ?! Under XP (on the same machine), I don't have to ! I have this problem with Windows Server 2003.
  4. Hi, Just installed Windows Server 2003 (R2) on a PC that runs XP just fine. All partitions without a drive letter are "device not ready" !! Can't format a partition (ext4) that's not christened Can't mount TrueCrypt volumes.. Add a drive letter, and everything's back to normal. Remove it : "device not ready" Installing chipset driver and other drivers (for all devices) changes nothing.. ANY ideas ? I got nothing. Thx