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  1. I was doing some research on Xeon X5460 and was wondering what the instruction set (-XSAVE/XRESTORE states, -XSETBV/XGETBV are enabled ) are for or what they do ? Thank you
  2. Thanks for the info My side panel was made made to use a 180mm fan, but I think there is enough room to us a 200mm fan. With that diagram it should help. Are most of the 200mm screw mounts in the same location? Thank you
  3. I need measurement on a 200mm fan with a circular frame like APEVIA CF20SL-UBL 200mm Ultra violet LED Case Fan COOLER MASTER R4-LUS-07AB-GP I need to know what the distance is between the top 2 screw holes center to center. Im trying ti see if it fits my case screw mounts. Thanks
  4. I went with the Kingston HyperX 3k I will let yall know how it works out.
  5. Thanks for the info. Im also looking some info on the Kingston HyperX 3K SH103S3/120G, has anyone have experience with this SSD? Is the m4 better than the HyperX 3k or is it the other way around?
  6. Why do you suggest the M4 and Samsung SDD's?
  7. I'm getting a copy of windows 7 ultimate and I would like to get a good SSD to install 7 on. Looking for somthing arround $110. With arround 120 gigs I'm looking for a mid range model like a Kingston HyperX 3K SH103S3/120G, or a Crucial M4 CT128M4SSD2. But I'm not sure what too look for on a SSD. The board I'm using now is a Gigabyte EP45-Ud3P, it has sata II ports with a HD drive and xp on it and my board supports windows 7. So I'm looking for some good suggestions or info on a SDD to get. Thanks for any help I can get
  8. I need somthing to boost my fan speed on my video card at bootup or when windows loads to the welcom screen, not at start up. That way the fan will run on all the user account not just the admin account.
  9. I have a EVGA Nvidia 8600gts. I need a program that I can use to make the fan on my video card run faster on a limited account in xp on start up. Ive tried EVGA's, and NVIDIA's programs but they only make it run faster if I run admin account first then log onto the limited account. I'm going to upgrade to a newer video card most likely an ati card. Are there any programes that will work? Thanks For Any Help
  10. I resolved the problem. It wound up being the sata cable I was using, I replaced it with a newer sata 3 locking cable and it has been fine ever since.
  11. I borrowed a hard drive and the computer still locks up, so I think its the memory. So I ordered CORSAIR XMS2 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model TWIN2X4096-6400C5 The memory is Guaranteed-Compatible for Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P. When get them I will leave the results.
  12. nothing on event viewer except an error that my cd drive had. It could be the mother board just dosnt like my memory, tried gskill and hynix. I check the memory list they give, but most of them I never heard of, and the others I cant find anywhere. I will get around to checking the hdd and post the results later.
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