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  1. Thanks for the info Schwups So sorry that printing no longer works for you. It's strange to me that more files got altered on your system than on mine. I'm not a programmer, so I'll have to wait for some updates to the printing patch. It seems to work well for Sumatra, but I've been unable to get it to work with anything else; Firefox, Softmaker, etc.
  2. Thanks much Schwups I tried your procedure, but when I try printing, Firefox still crashes. After performing your procedure, 3 dlls did get altered (new ones with # in the filename): 1) xu.dll in the mozilla install directory 2) and strangely, comdlgex.dll & shlwapi.dll in \\windows\system Perhaps the problem has something to do with fixing Sumatra first? Did you modify a Firefox portable or installable version? Do you remember which dlls, exes got changed? Thanks
  3. I'm running Win98SE & tried Plan E, method 4a. I have KernelEx ver 4.5.2 installed. I can now print with Sumatra 2.0.1 (the ver compiled with VS2008), however, the Advanced tab doesn't appear (fit pages to printable area, etc). BUT, being able to print at all is wonderful! I could not get Firefox 3.6.28 to print however. I'm using the installed version of Firefox. After following the install procedure, (same as Sumatra) neither firefox.exe, nor any dlls got modified. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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