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  1. Yes, I have WDM installed. I can reproduce sound with media player etc.All windows sound works perfectly (and youtube etc). Only when i open games it doesn't show any sound! All the drivers are correctly installed. The Sound Card is an onboard CMedia Wave Device. And the graphic drivers are installed and working!
  2. I have a P4 with 1 GB Ram working perfectly with Windows 98 SE + SP 3 Beta 4 Although, i have several problems. 1st: Whenever I play a game, i don't get sound. Fifa 99/ fifa 98/ Ford Racing 2 and many more, and i don't get any sound. However, is MSDOS games such as Doom, i get a perfect sound. 2nd: How can I play .mkv movies with a clear image? Every time I try to watch, it just goes with a strange sound and the image is very slow. Please Help Me! EDIT: 3rd: Is there any way to identify the dial up drive i have installed in my computer? I need to configure it so I can go to the Internet on my Dreamcast, but i don't know what's the type of the drive
  3. Yup! I have used ImgBurn and it doesn't recognize the drive as being able to burn. At the Device Manager it shows: Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-109
  4. I have this strange thing happening at my P4 with Windows 98 SE and SP3 BETA 4. I have installed several cd burning programs but none of them recognize the drive to be capable of burning cds. When I use Windows XP i can easily burn, but in 98 no! It's a Pioneer Drive and still works. Help me plz!
  5. I have Windows 98 SE installed in my PC with Wupg98. When I connect a usb pen drive it openss almost instantly, but when i put to remove safely, nothing happens and I wait a loooong time! It's really boring this.
  6. I have installed Windows 98 in my Pentium 4 without any problems. I installed all the drivers and it was just ok. I installed SP3 that we got here on the forum and WUPG98. However, after onde day, the computer is slow. The pointer moves very slowly and I am not sure if the problem is from one of those updates. Also, when I put remove USB drive safely, it takes a long time and nothing shows up! Help me as I love windows 9x

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