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  1. And you find it "queer" that Windows 98 has issues with that? As my good friend Mr.Spock would say: Fascinating... See if any of these help you: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/149743-question-about-using-a-sata-drive-with-windows-98se/ http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/172569-sata-installation/ http://reboot.pro/topic/2384-alter-group-universal-ata-driver-for-windows-nt351nt42000xp/ It is entirely possible that a specific "manufacturer" driver for your motherboard exists, you need to post the EXACT details of the hardware involved. jaclaz no, I am not finding it weird, it is expected. I don't even want to acess the SATA drive. I was just asking if there is a way to disable the SATA drive on Windows 98 so it is not detected and proceed with the normal boot process
  2. It is set to SATA, not compatible mode. Because the setup is: One IDE drive, one SATA drive, one IDE CD-RW and one IDE DVD. If I set to compatibility mode, I would disable one of those.
  3. I currently have a P4 with two drives: a 10GB IDE for Windows 98, and a 80GB SATA one where I intend to install Windows 2000. Even though the computer boots normally when I turn it on without the SATA drive, when I connect the SATA drive, Windows 98 detects a new IDE controller (fifo) and then crashes, and I can't proceed as it halts the system and I have to reset. Is there a way to fix this?
  4. yes. i have tried a lot of newer and older versions
  5. I can't use properly Daemon Tools on my P3 computer. I install it, and when I click "Mount image" the program closes. I have already tried PowerIso, MagicIso etc and I get errors in all of them
  6. I was restoring an old AT style P1 with a 2gb western digital drive but i can't install msdos6.22 on it. It says: cannot acess drive c: I have used western digital software to setup it properly and it works for some time and after that, i can''t acess the drive. Is there any good software to restore bad sectors etc?
  7. ....... 5- I don't know where i found those filess. What is it? Have you selected in folder options -> "show hidden files and folders" and "hide protected operating system files"? Nope. But what should i do when i find it?
  8. 1- Win98 C: WinXP D: 2- C drive is 30gb and D drive is 90 gb 3- Exactly, IDE mode set to SATA and Secondary IDE for the DVD drive 4- Yes. Those files are on drive C: I can select whether to boot to Windows 98 or XP. If i put 98, the error occurs. 5- I don't know where i found those filess. What is it?
  9. I used to have an IDE hd in this P4 running Windows 98SE and windows 2000 in dualboot. Then Windows 98 stoped working and Windows 2000 was fine. I reformated the hard drive and it had bad sectors so i decided to put this SATA drive. For about 2 weeks this computer was working alright with Windows 98 and Windows XP in dualboot. However today, i can only boot to Windows XP. If i boot to 98, it says: Cannot read from disk sector c. Abort, retry, fail. I can boot to Windows XP normally and acess data from c: (where 98 is installed). But i can't boot into 98. What should i do? What if when reformating this drive, it stops working like the previous one?
  10. Yes! It's an old Seagate Barracuda, 6GB noisy as hell! Should i put the delay bigger than that or that is ok? EDIT: I can't find that folder in the registry
  11. I have this P3, 256 mb RAM, NVIDIA TNT2 with Windows 98 SE. I have installed Unofficial Service Pack 3 and it runs really well. However, after some reboots, it says, Windows Registry Error, it reboots and the computer gets crazy, some programs stop working etc. I have reinstalled windows 6 times and at the last one, i went to msconfig and diabled scanregw. However, i rebooted it and it boot to an MSDOS window and restored a backup of the registry. it is now crazy again! Help me! I'm losing my temper!
  12. Hey! I got this laptop with a amd k6-3 and 32 mb of ram. However, i only have a dial-ip modem in it and i want to put a PCMCIA wi-fi adapter on it. However, i don't know any good one to buy. Help me plz!
  13. Actually it is a very interesting approach. The given link is about haveing the Dreamcast as "client" and the Windows Machine (with both the dial-up modem AND the "broadband", let's say DSL connection, as "server"). Now, if I get it right you want the Satellite to become a "Dreamcast" (client ) and the P4 become the "server". So, *somehow* you must "translate" this set of instructions: http://www.maturion.de/dreamcast/mterlouw/dcisp.htm to the Satellite running Windows 98 And apply these sets of instructions: http://www.maturion.de/dreamcast/mterlouw/trickwin.htm http://www.maturion.de/dreamcast/mterlouw/inconect.htm http://www.maturion.de/dreamcast/mterlouw/connect.htm to the P4 machine. BUT, there is the possibilty that one of the two modems (or both) have an issue with the (missing) phone line, so it is possible that you will need the "Modem Line Voltage Simulator". See also this: http://www.jagshouse.com/modem.html and this: http://www.computing.net/answers/windows-31/pc-to-pc-via-modem-article-here/10182.html Have you made some tests with Hyperterminal (or similar)? jaclaz I have already tried to "translate" some definitons but one problem is: what number should i dial?? I have made all the things in my P4 in order that him can receive incoming calls. And yes, I have tried HyperTerminal with both computers and i was able to establish a connection with my moblie phone.
  14. I'm not entirely sure what configuration you're trying, but the obvious thing would be to get a PCMCIA Ethernet adaptor, then you could network your two computers together (simplest connection is using just a cross-over cable). Joe. I have thought about it too, but I saw a tutorial where i could use my dial up modem to allow my SEGA Dreamcast to connect to the Internet using my connection in the other computer http://www.maturion.de/dreamcast/mterlouw/

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