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  1. I managed to damage the boot sector of my pen drive. What I want to do is to repair it faster without reformating and installing everything all over again - too slow. So can I repair the boot sector of the pen drive? I already tested that installing win xp is ok and Hiren's boot work without a problem. I recovered the files in the main dir like "bootmgr", "grldr", menu.lst, windefault and etc. If I try to install Win 7 it gives error "The boot selection failed because a required boot device is inaccessible" or something like that. The same error happens if the internal HDD don't have any drivers I think but this is not the case. This problem started after using auto repair option from a boot cd to repair Win 7 OS while the usb pen drive was inside - stupid me ... Problem solved copying my backup folder "boot". There is a file "bcd" which happened to be like 5-6 kb while the original backup file was around 256 kb .
  2. WinSetup problems with Antivirus rescue cd.

    I have another spared 4 GB pen drive so I will try on it. It won't need NTFS for such small space lol. Thanks for the help!
  3. I used WinSetup to put multiple Rescue CD grub4dos compatible iso linux files for loading antivirus programs from usb pen drive. All of them give errors with not being able to find/install the linux filesystem. For example in Kaspersky Rescue CD I get : dracut Warning: Can't mount root file system Dropping to debug shell. Dracut:/# In AVG/Avira/DrWeb I get errors as well but DrWeb doesn't get errors but just seem to load for ever it's linux based system files. Why is there a difference? Some suggest I need to use newer grub4dos version. If I use WAREZ and fedora/kubuntu there are no problems at all. I don't want to use like 4-5 cd when one usb pen drive can do the same thing. It is not ahci/driver related problem. Maybe I need to extract those antivir iso's and use another method for importing? I used WinSetupFromUSB_1-0-beta8.exe Just a thought - I used NTFS and maybe those linux based rescue cd's want SysLinux based option from WinSetup?
  4. I have never published beta8 in executable file. The only proper source for beta 8 is from here:http://code.google.com/p/winsetupfromusb/downloads/list The old 0.2.3 was the last one with installer and all those versions do not use usbdrive.tag files at all. Anything else you need help with? Sorry Beta8 was archived too but I was mistaken from the directory I put it in... This is the best program for fast installing of different OS from USB . Maybe if you know a way to install Win XP without any kind of drivers will be very helpful. I mean deploying Win XP on different machines. Win 7 has the command sys-prep but Win Xp don't have it . Or if I could deploy some Ghost/Acronis image which won't give BSOD after the first restart . Also how can I make my important files of this usb pen drive protected from virus attacks? I didn't find 32 GB pen drive with lock mechanism... I need to protect easily the mbr/boot sectors and eventually the autorun.inf file.
  5. Of course provided that his reaction time is actually shorter than three seconds.... jaclaz My reaction time is in milliseconds. If you see my swift moves you'll stay amazed! (Weird Al Yankovic btw ) It's strange the last time I boot Win XP it waited maybe like 1-2 minutes for usbdrive.tag on a PC but on one Notebook there wasn't a search for this file . The problem was *kinda* in Izarc BUT it also happened while using your executable version which didn't reported problems on my stable machine. So the files still isn't installed from Beta 8... Even deleting all the row containing usbdrive.tag it still want's it (hardcoded) so I made the empty file ;p. Godspeed!
  6. Thanks for the help guys. I used the --skip-mbr-something command typed in the field extra and it worked. Tested the usb and still I get the error where the file /usbdrive.tag is missing. What is the point of this row when your utility doesn't install this file usbdrive.tag? "ls /usbdrive.tag > nul || find --set-root --devices=hf /usbdrive.tag > nul" Removing this row in winsetup.lst and menu.lst removes the display of the error. If I don't remove it I cannot start the XP installer. Also why beta 8 adds some timers before booting installers? I get 3 seconds timer while trying to start XP installation in some black(dos like)screen? It just slows things down .
  7. Okay I got 4 errors. Beta 7 says "could not install grub4dos mbr" Beta 8 says "Fatal error could not install grub4dos MBR" If I use grub4dosgui.exe it says "invalid partition table Version 0.2.3 says "grubinst.exe cannot make a backup of mbr" This is a new a-data 32 gb usb pen drive! I already format it with fat32 and ntfs with no difference. Your product must be faulty. I am using Windows 7 x64 bits version. I recently installed it so I don't have malware which could interfere. I tried running as administrator but that didn't helped. Also how to use the command --skip-mbr-test because it doesn't seem to be a command line... It still gives the same hint to use this command.
  8. How to reinstall the boot sectors for the menu in my USB disk drive used for multipurpose? Something happened and now while booting from the USB HDD I don't see any menu but the Win7 installation immediately starts. Before this (I didn't changed anything to the disk so I suppose some antivirus automatically removed something from the important booting files) there was a menu letting me choose between Win7 and multiple versions of XP in a submenu. There were also options to boot Ubuntu or Hiren's Boot CD. I\ve attached a picture with the current files. It is possible that hidden files are not shown. Not all folders are displayed but I don't think they play a role in this issue. Problem solved using BootIce to restore grub4dos MBR sectors thanks to ilko_t ( thank you ) The menu is restored with all the previous options.
  9. Weed did you simply try adding the installations one after another on the same partition? I didn't had problems doing so with Windows XP and I even made 4 separated installations . Also I used Win 7 installation containing two languages and x32 and x64 installation choices and they work without problems in installers made by WinSetup. You simply need to use your AIO installer and integrade it with WinSetup. I found it little annoying that the boot menu starts in XP by default after 10 seconds and I guess it can be changed because I have the latest version and still there aren't boot options. Maybe I need to edit the boot file . Nlite has an option to disable automatic SFC which decreases the time to install the OS but how can I manually enable it after Windows XP installation?
  10. Guys I managed to get very strange problem trying to boot Windows XP installation or the alternative boot manager PLoP (first option from menu). I didn't had problems with Hiren's or Windows 7. I saw like only 2-3 people who have it which is strange... The error message is : ls\usbdrive.tag Error 15 file not found, press any key to continue There isnt't such file usbdrive.tag in the root directory of the USB HDD. So I didn't find such even in WinSetup installation directory nor in Grub4DOS files. The way I fixed the error was changing the menu.lst file ( I REMOVE THE "find --set-root --ignore-cd /usbdrive.tag" LINE) FROM title Windows XP/2000/2003 Setup map --unmap=0:0xff map --unhook savedefault find --set-root --ignore-cd /usbdrive.tag configfile /winsetup.lst TO title Windows XP/2000/2003 Setup map --unmap=0:0xff map --unhook savedefault configfile /winsetup.lst