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  1. KernelEx for Win2000

    BlackWingCat, u're right. These files are properly registered after REBOOT: cryptui.dll, wintrust.dll, licdll.dll Some more problems here: (1) I still cannot register "propsys.dll", it says "cannot load to register...". Can I just ignore this issue? (2) "dwmapi.dll" is not installed or copied to System folder. It's very WEIRD 'cos it's definitely in the copy list in "update.inf". (3) Is "KB931125-Root Certificate Update" really required? I did not install this package because the MS's update page asks me to verify XP system before download. Thanks.
  2. KernelEx for Win2000

    Hi Some of you may know that I have been trying to make a Korean version of KernelEx... At some point, I made it, thanks to the helpful suggestion of you guys. After install of v22e, accidentally I opened the setup log file and I found many lines of failure message. I think many messages are just void and ignorable, but not all. I can see also that registration of some DLLs have failed. Any ideas? [KB935839-v22e.log] ================================================================================ 5.531: GetGenericPathNameWithRoot: Unable to open HKLM, SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ResKit\NameSpace\Windows 2000 Resource Kit, 0x2. 5.531: SetDynamicDirectoryId: Failure while generating dynamic path, 0xf111 5.531: GetGenericPathNameWithRoot: Unable to open HKLM, Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\eudcedit.exe, 0x2. 5.531: SetDynamicDirectoryId: Failure while generating dynamic path, 0xf111 .......... 5.610: DoInstallation: FetchSourceURL for e:\work\v22e-kor\update\update.inf failed 5.610: LoadFileQueues: UpdSpGetSourceFileLocation for halaacpi.dll failed: 0xe0000102 .......... 45.297: Starting process: regsvr32 /s credui.dll 45.360: Return Code = 0 45.360: Starting process: regsvr32 /s cryptui.dll 45.485: Return Code = 3 45.485: Starting process: regsvr32 /s sccsccp.dll 45.922: Return Code = 4 45.922: Starting process: regsvr32 /s sccbase.dll 46.000: Return Code = 0 46.000: Starting process: regsvr32 /s msftedit.dll 46.094: Return Code = 4 46.094: Starting process: regsvr32 /s wintrust.dll 46.156: Return Code = 3 46.156: Starting process: regsvr32 /s mfc40.dll 46.360: Return Code = 0 46.360: Starting process: regsvr32 /s mfc42.dll 46.531: Return Code = 0 46.531: Starting process: regsvr32 /s mfc42u.dll 46.594: Return Code = 0 46.594: Starting process: regsvr32 /s licdll.dll 46.672: Return Code = 3 ........ ================================================================================
  3. KernelEx for Win2000

    @blackwingcat I'm totally lost here. My programming knowledge is not that deep, so it's difficult to catch up your short comment. Sorry for that. I still don't get it why I must change the image base of all the DLLs. I thought DLL rebase is an optional thing. I tried your PEMaker, but I could not figure out what to do in the tab of relocation table. If you meant rebuilding of relocation table, is it really necessary even if my work did not change 'base of code' nor ' base of data'? I blame myself for little patience, but maybe it's time to give up. I don't have much time to do thorough research. I know that I'm bothering you, but is it hard to build a Korean version? If it can happen I can provide you with Korean resource files in .res format. Anyway thanks for you help.
  4. KernelEx for Win2000

    @blackwingcat Thanks for your reply. I checked out your comment and modified a few code in "kernel32.dll". But still got the same problem! So I think I am still missing something.... You suggested:: There are some difference in kernel32.dll in code. * Default Sub culture is different value (JPN=0x411). --> Is this value set in code section of "kernel32.dll"? If then, I found 2 entries and replaced them with 0x412. * Include country code and string in code.(You can find "Japanese" and "JPN" with Unicode) --> I found 3 sequential strings "JPN" "JP" "Japan" in hex editor. So changed these into "KOR" "KR" "Korea". Still not enough? * Base address is different(Almost dll and Cause of problem). --> What do you mean by Base Address? I could not find any difference in Image Base and Code Base. Base of Data was somewhat changed, which is the consequence of resource data change. Does this mean something? If this is a real problem, I think I should get an Error on system booting.... * some included resource files are different., so you must replace it. --> What do you mean "included resource file"? I checked and changed resource data in the following resource types: Menu, Dialog, StringTable, MessageTable, RCData, Version. Is there something more I should check out? Thanks.
  5. KernelEx for Win2000

    Hi BlackWingcat I recently tried to make a Korean version from your JPN version 17i. (Thanks to Tomasz's guidance.) What I did is something like this: (1) Changed all the Japanese text by copying Korean text which has the same resource name or ID from the same file. (Of course, some text were translated by referencing English version) (2) Changed all the Japanese LCID into Korean which is 1042. (3) Repeated this process for all the files in the update package. (4) Finally changed language code in "update.inf" and Installed! There was no BSOD and it seemed that installation was successful.. But the desktop configuration was not the same as before... What I found is that it didnot find the right registry keys for the desktop setting. I think these key names which are stored in "win32k.sys" in English are not read correctly. For example, when I reset the new image for "Wallpaper" in Desktop Setting dialog, some weird key name is created in HKCU\Control Panel\Desktop\. I cannot read these characters but it looks like Chinese... Am I missing something here? Any suggestions will be grateful. Something different question: What's the relation wth KDW pack? I thought KernelEx can be a complete replacement for KDW. Right? Thanks.
  6. KernelEx for Win2000

    @BlackWingCat Thanks for the reply. I think I should keep trying your KDW release instead of KernelEx...
  7. KernelEx for Win2000

    Dear BlackWingCat I really want to know how can I use KernelEx in Korean Win2K. How can I convert Japanese version into Korean version? I don't know Japanese language at all.
  8. KDW / FCWIN2K

    Hi What kind of AntiVirus SW are you guys using for best protection of Win2K system? I've been using KIS 2009, but Kaspersky stopped update service for this product and of course, the newer version of KIS cannot be run in Win2K. I've heard that the latest ESET Smart Security supports Win2K, but also heard that ESET is positioned in rather lower rank in capability of protection. Any helpful suggestion?
  9. KDW / FCWIN2K

    Hi. Is there anyone who ever tried Kapsersky Internet Security 2012 with KDW? I am wondering if Kaspersky's product can be run smooth on Win2K which has been dropped from their suppor list....