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  1. I checked out the Free version of NTLite. I'm pretty uneducated in a lot of the ins and outs of creating an unattended install and was pretty disappointed to find out that a lot of options are not available (yet?) in NTLite. EDIT: was working with the wrong file. Despite that I was VERY impressed with the software, and will get the paid version if I continue to use it (pretty likely) The UI is very clean and simple, not overwhelming, which is really nice, and the options are pretty straightforward (select your WUD folder, select your drivers, done.) but I do still wish there was a streamlined tool to help create your autounattended.xml file. Is this only included in the paid version, or is this by choice and not in the scope of the software? I'm building the ISO now, and after I get it installed and tested i'll provide more feedback. EDIT: I did find that, unlike WInToolkit, there seems to be no option to add multiple slipstreamed OSes. Bit disappointing as I like to have all versions updated on one 8GB USB stick rather than 4 separate sticks for each version. I saw you could disable the EI.CFG file, but this would still do nothing to keep the versions other than the one you worked with updated, no? Thanks for taking the time to read my feedback, and good work on the software, it looks very promising.
  2. UPDATE: Seems to have something to do with removing the config file to unlock all the versions of windows on the same disk. I guess you can't do that with th(e win toolkit) despite the option?
  3. Thanks i'll try it out. EDIT: Tried this out today. Loaded all the updates into the AIO integrator and did a couple minor tweaks (Change IE homepage, folder views, etc.) And I got a message near the end of the install The pop up box, verbatim says "Windows could not configure one or more system components, To install Windows, restart the computer, then restart the installation." Is this a common issue? I'll try again today without the tweaks (Just the updates) and see what happens until I hear back. EDIT 2: Banged out another image today and this one seems to work! I left out the tweaks and I guess something in there was causing the issue. . . Weird right? I also left out the IE10 update. . . Maybe that was it? Don't know. If anybody else is familiar with the issue hang me a line.
  4. So i'm having a bit of an issue here and hopefully somebody else has had it and/or has info about how to fix it. I'm using RT 7 Lite to create images with these updates slipstreamed in. I'm doing all of the .NET, Security, Non-Security and Optional updates, but after I install with the image and try to sync the time, I get "Unable to start the Windows Time service" The trick is I've had this problem in the past and fixed it. The issue lay within updates that were conflicting with each other somehow. Removing the offending updates (There were 3 or 4 iirc) resolved the issue completely. However the issue now being that I can't remember exactly what updates I had removed to rectify this. As I see it, there are 2 options -Rediscover what updates were the problem causers and remove them -Use a program other than RT7 Lite (Nobody else is complaining about this issue so I assume it's something specifically caused by these updates + that program) Any suggetions? Thanks!
  5. an absolute livesaver when you have to do 3+ installs a day. Thanks mate!

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