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  1. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    In my opinion, Windows Blue is nothing more than a fully baked and finished Windows 8. They ran out of time with Windows 8 RTM, and had to push it out to keep the OEM's happy. MS needed at least another 9 months or so to actually finish the OS. They have now had time to clean up more of the legacy code, and the Start Menu IS legacy code. I'm positive that the final version of Blue, will have no Start Menu code left in it at all. The only way to continue this project, would be to code a Start Menu replacement that does not rely on this legacy code, or Windows API's. And that could be quite some challenge!
  2. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    I'm really sorry, I just don't understand MS's decision on this.
  3. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    Just to let you know that this (v2.0.2) does not work with Windows Blue, build 9364. It installs, restarts explorer, and does nothing, no start orb, nothing running in the Task Manager. Classic Shell v3.6.5 also does not work. The .exe and it's service run, but don't actually do anything, other than bypass the Metro Start Screen. Start8 does not work either. It runs (places a horrible icon on the Taskbar) but does nothing when clicked. I have tried compatibility mode, and everything I can think of. I'm sorry Tihiy.