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  1. I've gotten Error 11 on second time with a different hdd plugged in. The first time, I booted it up to test the program, I seen XP install blue screen, so I was like ok, it works, I shutdown, removed two hdds and plugged in the one hdd I wanted XP on, this is when Error 11 took place. After editing everything then I got Error 15 even just with the hdd I wanted xp on, plugged in. (A). I started a fresh day restarting from scratch, unplugged everything except the hdd I installed too and the USB card reader too SDHC Class 6 flash card. 2006 mobo. With the procedure (A), I've managed to get XP installed on too my hdd. Suppose the program will have to be redone for every new install of xp. Thanks, ilko_t for the help .
  2. None of this works for me. I've tried 5 programs to get xp on usb. They all don't work including this one. Why is there such a large volume of problems with xp on usb. MS made one that works for win7 that works 100%, unetbootin works 100% with linux distros. What is the deal with XP on USB that is so dam troublesome? Can I get an amen? Anyways, how can I get this program to work? I get I/o errors, I did the edit thing, then I get couple other errors with numbers like Error 11, (I just got error 15 right after I replaced GRLDR with recommended GRLDR in the zip.) I am so frustrated, I've been on this mission for 15 hours. I'd use a cd rom drive but I dont have one and cannot get one.